Difference between newborn, infant, toddler and infant

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Newborn, infant, child and infant: the differences

After birth, there are various definitions to indicate the stages of life and the stages of development of the neonate, although it is not possible to establish a rigid classification, as their length varies according to subjective conditions.
These stages are accompanied by physical, psychological and social changes: these are the stages ofchildhood.

In the course of human development, the newborn is the stage following the fetal one, which therefore ends with childbirth, and precedes the stage defined as infantile (child). In this article we analyze what the differences between newborn, infant, child and infant.


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  • When is a baby called a newborn? 
  • When is a baby called an infant?
  • When is a baby called a child or an infant?
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When is a baby called a newborn?

By definition, a child is called "neonate"in the period of 4 weeks from delivery to the 28th day after delivery.


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When is a baby called an infant?

A child is called "suckling" in the variable period that begins with the 29th day after childbirth and ends with the weaning.
The term weaning refers to the gradual, progressive transition from a milk-only diet to one based on solid foods. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), the introduction of foods other than milk in the child's diet should take place starting from six months old or in any case in a variable time that oscillates between 6 and 11 months of life.
Therefore, the baby is defined suckling from the beginning of second month until weaning.


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When is a baby called a child or an infant?

After weaning, the baby is generally referred to as "child". One child is the human being in the time interval between birth and puberty.
Instead, the term "infanta"comes from the Latin infans which means" dumb, who cannot speak "and in the past it referred exclusively to the period between the birth of the child and the extremely variable moment in which he begins to speak in the first years of life. Today with the term" infant "means children from birth up to one year of age.

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Questions and answers

When is a baby defined as an infant?

The newcomer is referred to as a "suckling" from day XNUMX onwards and until the start of weaning.

What is meant by the term "infant"?

The generic term "infant" refers to children from birth up to one year of age.

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