Difficult grooming: how to remove the diaper

Difficult grooming: how to remove the diaper
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Difficult spannolination

There are some children who they stop using the diaper from one day to the next, others need more time and the parents of the latter often find themselves desperate, without knowing how to resolve the situation, including pee on the floor and cry. Difficult spannulation is a common condition for many, but it could be avoided, in most cases, with some precautions. Here are some tips for take off the diaper with serenity.

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When to remove the diaper

Many indicate it as the right age for remove the diaper two years of age: in reality there is no one-size-fits-all rule, because each child is unique, as are each parent. This period is indicated because it is usually around two years children start to check the sphincters, so they can retain pee and poop. But be careful: not everyone blows on the second candle and the next day they go to the potty. So watch your child. 

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The signs for spannolimento

Do not listen to those who pressure you, but follow your instincts and observe your child.

  • How do you speak?
  • Does he follow your instructions?
  • Are you comfortable in the different rooms of the house?
  • Does he poop once a day and the diaper never gets full?

Then the time may have come. Remember that there is no date x that clicks: only you can know if your child looks good enough mature

Tips for starting the spreading

First di remove the diaper, however, begin to familiarize the little one with the bathroom: if the change is clean, put him on the potty or on the toilet with the help of a reducer, as adults do. Even if it doesn't do anything, it will begin to recognize that space as safe. You can take him to the bathroom with you, explain what to do, how to pee and how to clean yourself: imitation is the most powerful weapon you have! 

Don't rush: if he doesn't want to sit on the potty, leave him alone. Prepare some books, even a small library, a "keeper" of the potty in the form of a soft toy or a toy, but do not insist. 

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Removed the diaper, only accidents

It seemed to you that everything was going well, that it was ready, maybe he himself said he wanted to remove the diaper, but then every pee ends up on the floor of the house? Don't worry, everything is normal. The real difference lies in the how accidents are dealt withthat I am physiological: no child needs just like adults spannolinato. Accidents, even the most frequent ones, can last for days, sometimes even a week or more, so you should arm yourself with patience and take the time you need, and above all he needs it. Try to ask him regularly if he should go to the bathroom, don't blame him if he doesn't reach him or warn you, don't get angry: you don't have to get the message across that he's all wrong, but he must feel guided and confident through the news. 

Give up the spannolination

If you accidents they continue for too long, they create frustration, scare the child and they make you too nervous, maybe it is time to take a step back, your child may not be ready. But don't be afraid, contrary to what they say return to the diaper it will not confuse the child. Simply talk to him and explain to him that there is nothing wrong, that he needs more time and that you will try again when he feels more confident. Reassuring him is the best way to let him know that he is not doing it wrong. 

Remove the diaper at night

Only in some cases spannolinamento day and night they go hand in hand: most of the time they follow separate times, even years. If the diaper is removed during the day, why? the child recognizes the stimulus and goes to the bathroom, at night, with sleep, it becomes more complicated. The advice is to wait for the diaper to be dry in the morning when you wake up, and this for several nights in a row. When you have collected a good number of dry diapers, it's time to try. Accidents could still happen, put it into account: you just need to protect the mattress with a comfortable waterproof mattress cover and have a change ready!

Regression after taking off the diaper

Sometimes the children seem to regress and after one successful spannolatura they have many road accidents. A pee every now and then is not a problem: it happens that they hold her back for various reasons (at school because they are ashamed to ask to go to the bathroom, while they play because they are too involved ...) so do not make it a tragedy. If, on the other hand, you are faced with episodes of repeated bedwetting, especially at night, investigate the matter with your pediatrician, who will give you the best advice. In some cases it is a question of small pathologies, other times of sleep disturbances, fears, anxieties, still others of bad evening habits: in any case, in most cases the problems are solved quickly. 

Uno difficult spreading It can be a strain on parents, but by following the baby's pace and observing his development, a lot of mistakes can be avoided!

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