Digestive disorders in pregnancy: advice and a typical menu to deal with them

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Digestive disorders in pregnancy

Nausea, heaviness, heartburn, reflux: these are very common ailments that can occur during pregnancy. "Almost half of mothers can meet in the waiting period a gastrointestinal disorders, due to both hormonal changes typical of pregnancy, both ai 'mechanical' effects generated by the growing belly" he claims Giulia Privitera, dietician specialized in food and human nutrition at the Clinic in our city.

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Preventing digestive disorders in pregnancy

Although in some cases unfortunately there is not much that can be done, apart from enduring the disorder (which in any case will generally disappear with childbirth, or with the entry into the second trimester of pregnancy in the case of nausea), there is no doubt that incorrect dietary habits can influence and aggravate both the feeling of nausea and heaviness, and the reflux. Here then is a series of Privitera tips to keep the gastrointestinal disorders considered as a whole:

  • avoid foods with high acidity such as citrus fruits, tomatoes, chocolate;
  • avoid caffeinated drinks and carbonated drinks;
  • avoid processed or fatty foods, for example because they contain cream or butter;
  • eat less large meals and try to divide meals more during the day. Above all, dinner should be light and made up of easily digestible foods;
  • eat slowly, chewing the morsels calmly;
  • remember that some vegetables - fennel, carrots, zucchini - can attenuate stomach pains;
  • use herbal teas and infusions based on fennel, chamomile, mallow, licorice. In some cases they can help;
  • prefer simple preparations such as steaming, grilled, grilled, grilled, baked, baked in foil or short cooking in a pan;
  • generally avoid an unbalanced diet, too rich in fats, proteins and low or lacking in carbohydrates, which is absolutely not recommended during pregnancy;
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Menu against digestive disorders in pregnancy

Dr. Privitera's suggestions for a "stomach friend" daily menu during pregnancy.


a cup of plain yogurt with oats + nuts and oil seeds


  • fresh seasonal fruit or smoothie with vegetable milk;
  • a packet of wholemeal crackers


single spelled dish with baked fish and courgettes;

seasonal vegetables


vegetable crudité with chickpea and carrot hummus;

cream of pumpkin soup with wholemeal or rye bread;

a lukewarm cup of mallow tea

Warning: the dietary advice provided is purely indicative and should not be considered a substitute for the doctor's instructions, as some patients may require dietary adjustments based on the individual clinical situation. "In some cases, concludes Privitera, if the ailments do not subside and make the normal course of daily activities practically impossible, the doctor may prescribe specific anti-nausea or anti-acidity drugs".

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