Discover all the news of the app!

La new version of MyModernsParents is ready to be downloaded! Thanks to the precious reports that you send us every day, now you will find one Whatsapp even more Assessment e functional for all moms in dessert expectation. With so many news at the same time curious e interesting. Let's see them together!

First of all it was addition the mode of display of fetus inside theuterus: since it is little more than a microscopic one cell until it becomes more great and you suck the inch, until it is soon to get to know her mum and its Pope.

Among the things new there are also some very nice ones video dedicated to pregnancy, From fourth to the 40esima settimana. Each video there explains what happens in the settimana you are at you arrive, what does yours do bimbo, how much and how it is grown up, from advice useful (for example, for eat so sano or to treat little ones disorders typical of the gestation). There is also the "program of the momsWhich reminds you which ones exams you have to do in particular Age gestational in which you are.

And speaking of video, Now MyModernsParents gives you the possibility to create one all your. How? But it's easy! Just use the photo save on MyModernsParents, add i filters and music that more there like them and game it's done! A memory unforgettable of yours pregnancy.

Altra news: now you can insert in Whatsapp also the name of your child arriving, customizing even better the screen "Pregnancy".

In addition to all this, they have also been made of the changes from the more purely point of view technical, solving some bugs, (for example, relating to the recovery of the Photos save with the old work and program with iCloud) and improving the stability di MyModernsParents.

New users of MyModernsParents are more than 1.500 per day, 200.000 the only ones to the month, the download for free over 2.500.000. What are you waiting for download the new version? Click HERE to iOS e HERE to Android.

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