Does your child hate fish? Here are alternative foods with Omega 3

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Does your child persist in not wanting to eat fish? While you are looking for a way to convince him, you have to think about putting some valid alternative on his plate to make him take the precious Omega 3 anyway. "These polyunsaturated fats are called" essential "because the body is unable to produce them and must therefore be taken with food ", explains Roberta Madonna, nutrition biologist in Santa Maria Capua Vetere (Ce).


Because they need them

Always important, Omega 3s are also functional for growth: "They contribute to the formation of the tissues of the central nervous system, protect the child from allergies, help eyesight, provide energy, but they are also effective against overweight, since they promote metabolic balance", says the expert.

Dried fruit, but not only

Fortunately, there are several Omega 3 fats also in foods that are usually more pleasing to children: "Alpha-linolenic acid is, for example, present in nuts and pumpkin seeds which, at the same doses, have, among other things, more Omega 3 from fish. This precious substance is also found in peas and in some leafy vegetables, such as spinach. Other Omega 3, such as Dha and Epa, are instead guaranteed by chicken and turkey, as long as they are of organic origin . And then there is flaxseed oil, with a taste that may not be appreciated by children, but which contains 2-2,5 g of Omega 3 per teaspoon. The general advice is to alternate vegetable and animal sources, knowing that the recommended daily intake is 1,5-4,5 g per day, depending on age and weight ", concludes our nutritionist.

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1) 3 shelled walnuts - 0,93 grams of Omega 3;

2) 90 grams of spinach - 0,31 grams of Omega 3;

3) 1 egg yolk - 0,14 grams of Omega 3;

4) 80 grams of turkey - 0,08 grams of Omega 3;

5) 60 grams of peas - 0,06 grams of Omega 3.

Remember that 80 grams of fresh salmon contain 1,76 grams of Omega 3.

1 white yogurt with fresh fruit salad and 2 almonds + toast with jams.
Snack: 3 nights.
Lunch: 70 grams of spaghetti seasoned with tomato, 1/2 tablespoon of raw oil and 1/2 of linseed oil + 1 steamed turkey breast + spinach quickly sautéed in a pan.
Snack: 1 cup of cranberries.
Price: 1 plate of pea cream with cereals + steamed beets + fresh fruit.



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