Down syndrome: the testimonies of mothers

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Down syndrome, the testimonies of mothers and fathers on mammenellarete and on

A positive pregnancy test. Nine months of expectation and then the birth. And finally, the diagnosis: the child has the Down syndrome. And sometimes the discovery happens earlier, during pregnancy. This is what happened to some mothers and some fathers who have decided to tell us their stories. Here they are collected for you.

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Down syndrome, your best stories

  1. My Michele, my warrior, suffering from trisomy 21. "Down syndrome is not a disease, there is nothing to be afraid of. Little by little, one step at a time, we tackle everything. I am a mother of a special child, Michele, with trisomy 21. I also thought that the mothers for these children are carefully chosen from up there ... ».
  2. I was told he was born with Down syndrome. «The story of my pregnancy and my birth, despite having some features in common with many others, is a strange story. This is because, during an ultrasound, I discovered that my son had a heart defect and that he could have been born with Down syndrome. I immediately chose to fight for him. And I have never regretted this. I tell you everything better from the beginning. My husband and I, after ten wonderful and long years of engagement, we decided to get married on May 10, 2022. We immediately tried to have a baby. We wanted a family, we immediately wanted children. In fact, I got pregnant in July. I had hoped so much to become a mother in the immediate future and I realized that I was really, really lucky. I was in seventh heaven. I bought and took the pregnancy test on July 26, the day of the feast of St. Anna, protector of pregnant women and from that day my life obviously changed forever ».
  3. My son has Down syndrome, but I wouldn't change a thing about him. "Dear mothers of perfect babies, I am the mother of a child with cognitive disabilities, he has Down syndrome, and I would not change a thing about him. This is why when I read comments from parents who would like to seek compensation from doctors who have not been able to diagnose problems in the fetus, my blood freezes ... ».
  4. A touching letter from a mother of a girl with Down syndrome to her gynecologist. When she discovered that her baby in the womb would be suffering from Down syndrome, a gynecologist advised her to have an abortion. Today she Emersyn is 15 months old. Her mother, Courtney Baker, could have chosen not to have her come into the world. That's why Courtney wrote a letter, which went viral, to her gynecologist. And she had it published on the Parker Myles blog, dedicated to children with this syndrome.

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