Dress up babies, here are the tricks to learn quickly

It is one thing see him do to othersit is another to be at first line. To dress i Infants seems like the most easy of world, but above all tostart of the wonderful adventure to become moms it can be a little bit complicated. But nothing panic: a pinch of practice to be able to do it in any place and in each situation.

As long as you looked at your best amica or yours sister and consciously e they dressed their puppies at the speed of light you did not have the slightest doubt. To dress i Infants? And what does it take! Nothing more simple! my premium times on changing table could reserve some "nice" surprise: gambine stubbornly bent, arms real estate puppet type of wood, head dangling and above all more big the neck di body e rompers.

Some children by the way they don't like to be get undressed e coated and they seem to go out of their way not to collaborate. And if the "cultural, byabito”Takes place after the bath, near the breastfeeding or of sleep you may be accompanied by yell out to throw down i wall.

In the first settimane of life, when the little head has yet to be supported, strip e to dress i Infants requires patience e sweetness, movements lenses and delicates. So let's see some advice.

To not shake o irritate too much child, it should move it the less possible, holding it lying down a belly in su to parade the clothes, lifting the forehead only at the last time. You can also keep it in braccio e undress him with the hand you have frees it. If you lay it down, place it on a surface flat (like that of changing table) and keep some nearby play to distract him if he gets nervous or cries.

Prepare first i clothes and choose clothes simple to put on, which have few lacing and which allow for example to change the diaper without having to disclose completely the child. And do it furbe: get away use di bibs, which can "save you" from regurgitation e spots.

to dress i Infants, forehead e arms are the parties more difficult. She slips one on sleeve and then theother. With the hands, enlarged as much as possible neck area of T-shirt or of onesie, then pass the little head, taking care to keep it well long. Instead of passing the arms for the whole lunghezza of the sleeves, roll them up, put your hand on the wrist and take the manina of bimbo and, with the other hand, pull down there sleeve.

If the small is dressed "a onion"(Recommended for example in winter) one is forced to do several times maneuvers annoying, like passing the forehead From necklines o thread le arms in sleeves. A'idea Is that of prepare all "strati"Inserted a inside theother and doing them to wear to the child as a unique boss.

Do not consider the stage at changing table as a "pit stop"To be carried out in the most brief possible time. Strip e to dress i Infants can be a time great love e intimacy between you. Talk o cantata to yours child, even if it is a newborn baby of very few giorni. Your voice hot it will caress, as well as yours hands. This will serve a reassure him, to take away the discomfort and it will make it more collaborative.

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