Drowning Video - Pediatric First Aid

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Children and drowning: how to behave. The video with the explanations of Dr. Francesco Luzzana.

What to do in case of drowning?

If the child has accidentally ended up in the water and is in danger of drowning or if there has been a drowning, what should be done?

First, you need to evaluate whether the child is conscious or not.

When is the baby conscious? It is if we see him breathing, opening his eyes, if he coughs. In these cases we have to put him on his side, to make him breathe better, in the lateral safety position (which you see in the video above).

If the child does not seem conscious, he does not open his eyes, he does not seem to breathe, we first check: we stand sideways and put our ears close to his face and listen if we hear noises or see if the chest expands. If none of this happens, keeping the baby lying down with his head extended, close the baby's nose with two fingers and blow his mouth twice (the correct position is shown in the video).

Now let's see if anything happens. If nothing happens, we uncover the chest, locate the nipple line and start giving a heart massage.

The pace is: 30 compressions, two breaths.

How to prevent the risk of drowning?

Children should never be left alone in the water, especially if they are under four years old. Even just 20 centimeters of water can be very dangerous.

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Updated on 20.08.2022

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