Early diagnosis is the watchword for urological defects in children

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Urological defects in children. Password: early diagnosis

La early diagnosis during the pregnancy can make a difference in the care of malformations congenital urological problems of the child.

To date many urological malformations can be diagnosed before birth, with the advantage of having a differentiated treatment path and allowing the treatment of some problems with surgical and non-surgical interventions, during pregnancy or following the birth of the child.

'L'prenatal ultrasound has completely revolutionized our diagnostic approach allowing us to identify malformations very early, even when they are still in their mother's womb - explains the professor Manzoni, Director of Pediatric Urology of the Polyclinic Foundation of our city - we are able, in fact, to identify any problems even in children who otherwise would be apparently healthy and initially asymptomatic. And discovering the urological defect in time can sometimes really make a difference ".

Early diagnosis of alterations which may relate to the kidney, ureter, bladder or genitals and among these the most frequent, namely the obstructive uropathies, is significant as they can create damage which, if neglected, can lead to kidney failure and in some cases even the need for a transplant.

With the purpose of treat pediatric nephropathies already in utero, in 2022 l'Association for the Nephropathic Child Onlus, thanks to the important donation from the Bonelli family, it supported the creation of a center that bears the name of the great Milanese cartoonist: Sergio Bonelli.

An avant-garde Center which, thanks to a continuous collaboration between the specialists of Nephrology, Pediatric Dialysis and Transplantation, Pediatric Urology and Fetal Surgery of the De Marchi clinic of the Polyclinic Foundation of our city, allows personalized treatment paths to meet the different needs of small patients and follow them before and after birth, in a path that in some cases can be difficult and demanding and lead to dialysis and kidney transplantation.

The Sergio Bonelli Center

It was born with the aim of developing a national network to assist children with congenital kidney damage, today it is a point of reference for the most complex cases. Thanks to the synergistic work of the specialists of the various departments, in fact, it gives hope even to the most difficult situations. Patients are monitored with follow-up programs, which offer care throughout the course of the disease, from the prenatal period to the time of kidney transplantation.

The finding of a congenital malformation, for future parents is a cause of great concern and despair, for this reason the Center, thanks to the support of the ABN association, provides a psychological support for the patient and for the whole family, in order to better deal with the disease and treatments from the moment of diagnosis.

Source: press office
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