Eating boogers is good for the immune system

Parents counter-order, eating nose boogers is good for your health. A professor of biochemistry at the Canadian University of Saskatchewan, Scott Napper, is convinced of this, according to which the gesture - typical of children - could be an instinctive way to strengthen the immune system. This was reported by the broadcaster CBC.

The nasal mucosa, explained the scientist, traps germs and viruses through the mucus. Eating these pathogens, then, could be an unconscious way of vaccinating the immune system, making it more resilient.

"Man has evolved in dirty conditions, it may be that this desire to keep the environment sterile is not ultimately advantageous," said Napper, who now would like to conduct an experiment on his theory and is already looking for volunteers.

Volunteers to eat the boogers

"We will put germs in the volunteers' noses; one half will behave as usual, the other half will have to take the boogers from the nose and eat them - continues Napper - So we can study the immune system's response against these germs. If it is higher in the case of the boogers eaters, it will be the confirmation of the theory ". Read also What's in the nose boogers?

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What's in the boogers?

The booger is the more or less dehydrated nasal mucus that comes out of the nostrils. Secreted by the mucous glands in the cavities of the nose, mucus is mainly composed of mucin (a protein) and water, but may contain antiseptic enzymes (such as lysozyme, which damages bacterial cells), antibodies and lipids.

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