Eating is a good game

  • If theThe child loses interest in food because he prefers to play and wander around discovering the world, vary the place of his meals, organize parties with his favorite soft toys: pretending to feed them, he will eat too and alone.

  • After the year the children, also to assert their independence, they prefer to eat alone. Let them experiment with the spoon, maybe some food can even end up in their mouth.
  • Babies who are starting to take their first steps do not have strict meal times. They eat when they're hungry and you won't be able to get them to eat if they don't have any. Some children prefer many small meals to the three main meals. There will be time later to set more rigid times

  • Tell him that what you are feeding him is the same one that one of his favorite characters eats (eg here are Topotip's baby carrots or Teletubbies' porridge).

  • Get help from him: it can shell peas or help you mix fruit or vegetable purees - all of this is part of a learning process and food becomes fun.

  • Give him a lot of fruit arranged in a pleasant way and removing all the stones, you can also give him pieces of fruit covered with yogurt or custard.

  • If you are given a good choice of food and he still refuses it, do not make the contents of the fridge available to him: explain to him that this is his meal and there is nothing else. If he is very restless, put the food back in the fridge and give it to him later; he is simply not hungry at that moment.

  • Follow healthy cuisine, cooking with vegetable rather than animal fats. Prefer the unique dishes: a plate of macaroni with meat sauce; cannelloni stuffed with meat and vegetables or fresh ravioli with spinach and ricotta in tomato sauce are a complete meal.


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