Eating sushi when pregnant?

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Sushi in pregnancy

Raw fish in pregnancy

Raw fish does not present any risks with regards to infection by Toxoplasma gondii (with relative risk of toxoplasmosis), but, as it is recommended to do even outside pregnancy, it is necessary to ensure the freshness and safety of the fish because it is at risk of other contaminations.

Let's see which ones.

Raw fish and contamination with viruses A, bacteria and other parasites

The consumption of raw fish and especially in pregnancy is always recommended due to the risk of contamination with:

  • virus (epatite A),
  • battery (salmonella, Listeria)
  • and other parasites (Anisakis).

This is unless you are absolutely certain that the fish was pulled down thermally and that after the treatment it was kept in perfect hygienic conditions.

Blast chilling consists of freezing for at least 96 hours at -18 ° C in a domestic freezer or for at least 24 hours at -20 ° C in restaurant freezers: in this way any parasites are destroyed.

Outside the home, however, it is difficult to be sure of the treatments performed and if the hygiene rules are not followed scrupulously it is always possible that a new contamination will occur. If you are unsure of the procedures followed and compliance with hygiene rules, it is better to avoid consuming sushi. At home you can have more control of the situation, but keep in mind that the freezer does not always reach -18 ° C.

When can you eat raw fish / sushi

  • when it was shot down in the correct way;
  • when we are sure it has been well preserved.

To consume sushi, therefore, it is necessary to be sure that the fish has been thermally blast chilled in the correct way, i.e. frozen in a domestic freezer at -18 ° C for at least 96 hours, or in a commercial freezer at -20 ° C for at least 24 hours.

We also need to be certain that it has been well preserved.

If you are not sure of the procedures followed and compliance with hygiene rules, better avoid the sushi in pregnancy.

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