Eight tricks for the baby's room


Eight tricks for the baby's room

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The child's room must be a place to play, sleep, relax, dream and also to be a little on his own. Unfortunately, however, the bedrooms are not always enough ...

Tips for the baby's room

Before becoming an interior designer, Cora Bojahr worked for years as a teacher. And she knows what children need. We asked her for some tricks not only to make the children's bedroom more habitable, but also to turn it into a small playground.

Try to plan the room before the baby even arrives

The motto is usually: when the baby arrives, we will fix everything. Especially when there is no other space in the apartment, the "baby's future room" risks becoming the storeroom for everything that has no other place in the house: vacuum cleaners, clothes to iron, ironing board, old soft toys ... Instead, the secret lies in studying the structure of the future bedroom in advance so as not to go crazy when the house is already full of furniture and objects. And not to fill it beyond belief while waiting for the baby.

Look for the right room throughout the apartment. Don't stare at just one

Especially if the apartment is small, broaden your views and rethink your home as you've never seen it before. Maybe your bedroom can become the baby's room and what you thought was his room could become yours.

Order in the bedroom? ALWAYS!

Chaos is banished. The child must be able to concentrate on a puzzle or picture book without problems or unnecessary distractions. If the shelves are full of toys and the carpet is on the floor, how is he going to really pay attention to what he is doing? Leave only a few toys in sight and store the others out of sight of the child.

Each toy can have its own room: they don't all have to be in the bedroom

Is the baby's room really tiny? Not necessarily all his games have to be there. His illustrated books can find a place in the library in the living room (among dad's). You always read them when you are on the sofa anyway, right? The summer games? If it is winter it is better to put them in the attic or in the cellar. And he tries to optimize the spaces. Under the windows you can put the baskets with games and the bed can be used as a makeshift table top.

The furniture? Organize space optimization

Optimize the organization of space in the closets. The structure of a very large wardrobe can be divided to leave space for the children's games in the lower part, while the upper part will be perfect for mum's clothes. Use your imagination. And if you really can't find anything practical, you can always contact a carpenter. For sure it will be a little more expensive ...

Furnish to make the space larger. Lift the furniture off the floor. 10 cm is enough

Do not fill the entire wall with cabinets, but make sure that they have space both above and on the sides (maybe even just 10 cm). From an optical point of view they make the room seem larger and the extra space can be used for boxes and boxes of toys or puzzles.

White walls make the room appear larger, but don't forget to add a pop of color

The white walls undoubtedly make the room appear larger. But children need colors. They convey emotions, they satisfy the sight. You can find the compromise of coloring just one wall in the room or choosing a multi-colored rug. Colored drawers or cabinet doors also help make the atmosphere more lively. The magnetic doors can then easily replace a slate hanging on the wall.

Pay attention to the light points

The light points in the right place do a lot. Choose how to light up your child's room: a red light to shine on the wall when playing pirates, the lamp for better reading and the one for playing on the carpet.


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