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The 2022-2022 school year has just begun and this new beginning is off to a great start. The Minister of Education Valeria Fedeli has in fact signed the decree that makes the implementing decrees of law 107/2022 (Buona Scuola) effective.

Here are the news of 2022-2022 concerning the third grade exams (lower secondary school).

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More attention will be given to the path taken by pupils and pupils. To be admitted to the eighth grade exam it will also be necessary to have participated in the Invalsi tests (but they do not affect the final evaluation). Their development is brought forward to April.

In addition to the invalsi of Del Paeseno and mathematics, the English language is added.

In addition, citizenship and constitution skills will be enhanced during the oral exam.

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Here are the planned news, point by point

The evaluation

The new modalities of evaluation put the entire training process at the center and learning outcomes with the aim of giving more value to the three years of study and to the path taken by the pupils.

In order to make the evaluation more complete and clear also for families, schools will have to accompany the votes in tenths with the description of the process and the global level of learning development achieved. The evaluation of the behavior will be expressed from now on with synthetic judgment and no longer with decimal votes. The rule that provided for non-admission to the next class for those who achieved a conduct grade lower than 6/10 is repealed.

But the non-admission to the next class is confirmed (based on the provisions of the Statute of female students and students) against those who have been imposed the disciplinary sanction of exclusion from the final ballot.

Together with the final diploma, a certification of competences will be issued with reference to European key competences.

The skills certified by the schools will be eight:

  1. communication in the mother tongue,
  2. communication in the foreign language,
  3. mathematical competence and basic skills in science and technology,
  4. digital skills,
  5. ability to learn to learn (understood as autonomy in learning),
  6. social and civic skills,
  7. initiative,
  8. cultural awareness and expression.

The Invalsi

Invalsi tests confirmed in second and fifth grade from primary school.

In the last class a test in English is introduced.

In middle school, the tests are held in third place, but they will no longer be part of the exam, but they will be brought forward to April and will be carried out on the computer. Del Paeseno and mathematics remain, English is added.

In order to access the final exam it will be necessary to participate in Invalsi, even if it will not affect the final grade.

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The final eighth grade exam


To be admitted to the final exam the student must have attended at least three quarters of the total annual lessons and not having received disciplinary sanctions that result in non-admission to the exam.

It will also have to having participated in the three Invalsi tests by Del Paeseno, mathematics and English. If the student has not reached the minimum and necessary levels of learning, the class council may decide not to be admitted to the exam.

The tests

They will take more into account, than in the past, the profile of female students and the skills development goals defined in the National Guidelines for the curriculum.

There are three written tests: Del Paeseno, mathematics and foreign languages.

The interview

Its purpose is to assess the level of acquisition of knowledge, skills and competences required by the national guidelines. Particular attention will be given to the capacity of argumentation, problem solving, critical and reflective thinking, connection between disciplines. It will also take into account the levels of mastery of the skills related to the activities carried out in the context of citizenship and constitution.

Evaluation and final grade

The final grade will be aaverage between the admission grade and the average of the marks in the written and oral tests. Praise is also provided.

The decree pays particular attention to pupils and pupils with disabilities or with specific learning disabilities (SLD): they are provided with adequate time, teaching aids or tools necessary for carrying out the exams.

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