End-of-school tips for exhausted moms and dads

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A time of year when we all risk being a little stressed. Busy parents, children struggling with sports, music, dance or theater lessons. Summer holidays are just around the corner ... but still too far away. And the winter ones are just a memory.

What about weekends then? A race between a birthday party, a Baptism or the Confirmation of cousins.

Then there is the end of the school year: projects to finish, programs made in a hurry, last interrogations, plays, and, of course, exams.

All this is to be combined with a full-time job, the fact that you are single parents or the number of children you have.

Arriving between May and June, many parents are tired, fed up, at risk of burnout.


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What to do to arrive unscathed at the end of the school year?

Learn to say no to your commitments, but also to those of your children, breathe, find a balance, ask for help, take space for yourself.

The advice to the WebMd site of the pediatrician and mother of two Hansa Bhargava.

1. Practice saying "no" too

By saying no, you learn to create time for yourself as well. Does your child really need to go to yet another birthday party? Or that day at the water park with school friends? Is it really that important? If you cross one of these things off your weekend to-do list, not only will you have more time to breathe, but your baby will also have some free time.

2. Stop and change your point of view

Everything seems too much at the moment, but there are still only a few weeks left to the beginning of the summer. Is there anything you can do to take off some commitments before school finishes? Maybe the weeds in the garden can wait, even the door that has been creaking for a while ... or the windows to be cleaned.

3. Breathe and find balance

Ask for help from those around you or your partner and create spaces for yourself. Go for a run, go out for a coffee without feeling guilty, call a friend. Taking time for yourself will help you find the energy to get to the finish with grit.

Last but not least, when you get to your much-desired summer vacation, don't get busy! It also takes the space to "do nothing", both for you and for your children. It will help you regain your energy and you will be ready to get back on track when another school year starts again in September.

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