English blogger mom shows the backstory of a perfect selfie on Instagram

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English This is Leigh, blogger, actress and writer, as well as a 'devourer of chocolate' (as she likes to call herself) published, on May 16, 2022, a 'perfect' selfie on her Instagram profile.



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The image (in the photo below) got a lot of likes from followers, so the blogger also posted it on Facebook as a profile photo.

I keep seeing ads for corsets everywhere. You know, the ones that suck your belly in and make your waist look tiny while also giving you constipation. Well, let me tell you something: Last time I wore any type of corset was on my wedding day, exactly 8 years ago. I remember hiding behind a massive bush in the garden, and my mom loosening the damn thing cos I could barely breathe. Sure, after that my boobs didn't look as fab as they did when the day started, but I was actually able to eat the food I had paid for and do another amazing thing - it's called sitting down. So unless It is officially the 17th century again, I'd like to ask whoever came up with the idea that women in 2022 need to look like Jessica Rabbit, to kindly shove their corsets up their ass and let me enjoy my mom tum in peace. ♡♡♡ #BodyImage #moms #mums #motherhood #MomLife #parenting #parents #reallife #family #love #bodyshaming #fuckbodygoals

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However, after a few days, reading an article which talked about the insecurity of some people due to social networks and the comparison with the 'perfect' images of others, triggered something in her.

For this reason Tova has chosen to post another photo to show everyone what was behind the seemingly perfect selfie, that is an imperfect body, home clothing and 'artificial filters'.

This is the 'backstory' of the selfie:

Last week I shared the "perfect" selfie on Instagram (see small image on the bottom left). It got a whole lot of "likes", friends told me I was sexy and I even made it my new profile picture on Facebook. Today I am sharing the 'behind the scenes' of that image. How I actually looked when it was taken, without 20 attempts to get it right, without cropping out the bits I don't like and without adding the 'make me look pretty' filter. You see, over in the weekend I read an article about how more and more people are feeling deprest and insecure because of all the images of "perfect" looking people on social media, which they perceive to be real. Well let me tell you something: THIS IS REAL. In all my mum tum, cellulitis, granny pants and absolutely zero thigh gap glory! Not the perfect sexy body by some dictated standard, but imperfectly fabulous because it is real and it is mine. So next time you see a "perfect" image on IG or FB that makes you feel bad remember this: Social media is full of shit. You are beautiful just the way you are. And there is nothing sexier than being real. Tova ♡♡♡ #KeepingItReal #women #fuckbodygoals #BodyImage #moms #mums #motherhood #MomLife #parenting #parents #reallife

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In the caption of the most truthful photo, Tova wrote: "Well, let me tell you one thing: this is reality. With my mom belly, cellulite, grandma's panties and absolutely no space between the thighs to brag about. ! It's not the sexy, perfect body that the usual standards want, but it's imperfectly fabulous because it's real and mine. "

The post, which got thousands of likes in a very short time, convinced Tova to continue discussing (on social networks) the theme regarding the physical standards required of women with irony, revealing how the photos in fashion magazines and on television are not not at all realistic.



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