Equality of pregnancies

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What is pregnancy equality?

La equal pregnancies is a parameter used to define a woman's obstetric history that represents the number of her pregnancies that ended with vaginal deliveries after 20 weeks, regardless of the viability of the baby at birth.

A pregnant woman is defined Pregnant and the sum of parity and abortions indicates the total number of pregnancies.

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How the data is obtained

Graphically, the parity of pregnancy is expressed through the letter P followed by a series of 4 figures which take into account four factors:

  • Number of completed births (after 37th week)
  • Number of completed preterm deliveries i (between 20th and 37th week)
  • Number of lost pregnancies (miscarriages)
  • Number of children alive

It should be remembered that in this count the twin birth is considered exactly as a single birth. Therefore, a pregnant woman who in the course of her life has already completed a pregnancy, had a baby in the 30th week and suffered two abortions, is considered pregnant 5, for 1-1-2-2.

Nullipara and pluripara: meaning

  • Nullipara is a term that indicates a woman who has never experienced a natural birth,
  • Pluripara (para 1, 2, 3 and so on based on the number of previous deliveries) indicates a patient who has already given birth at least once.


Questions and answers

What is the pregnancy parity data for?

To outline the patient's obstetric history

Pregnancy equality: how is it measured?

The factors that delineate the parity of pregnancies (P) are the number of pregnancies carried out by the woman, the pre-term births, the number of abortions she had and the number of living children.

What does nullipara mean?

In the calculation of parity of pregnancies, a woman who has never given birth before is defined as nullipara.

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