European Union: reduce cadmium in baby food

The European Commission has asked the 28 Member States to reduce the amount of cadmium, a heavy metal, in baby food. Starting with chocolate and powdered milk.

This request was initiated following an opinion from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) that the current exposure to which the population is exposed should be reduced.

But what is cadmium?

It is a metal that it is found in nature but also comes from industrial and agricultural sources. And is located especially in food, which is the main source of exposure (after smoking for smokers).

And the health authority has determined that its accumulation in the body it can lead to harmful effects, such as kidney failure.


The new limits will start in 2022 and 2022 for chocolate

The EU had already established in 2001 what the maximum limits for cadmium must be in a series of food products, but on the basis of recent EFSA conclusions it has decided to adopt new maximum levels, for foods intended for infants and young children and for chocolate and cocoa-based products.


The new thresholds established by Brussels will have to be applied from 2022 January XNUMX.


A separate discussion for chocolate. I nnew limits of cocoa will come into effect from January 2022, after a transition period to allow cocoa-producing countries and the confectionery industry to adapt to the new levels.


The European Union also draws the attention of farmers and food business operators to reduce the maximum levels of cadmium in cereals, vegetables and potatoes.


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