Exchange of embryos. Pregnant woman with the twins of another couple

A child who does not arrive after years of trying. The choice to resort to medically assisted procreation. That pregnancy test finally positive. And the discovery of the error, which took place during a normal villocentesis: the two little ones who are waiting are genetically incompatible, according to the tests carried out at the Sant'Anna di of the city. In practice, the children are not them.

This is what happened to a couple from the city who decided to resort to assisted fertilization to have a child. The two are now at to expect twins with a different genetic heritage from theirs.

The error dates back to December 4 last year and occurred atPertini Hospital of the city. In fact, embryos from another couple were implanted in the woman's womb. According to reports from La Repubblica di Oggi "perhaps a due to overly similar surnames, or due to medical neglect, a tube exchange occurs ".

Future parents have anyway decided to keep the little ones. However, the other couple had a miscarriage after the implant and lost the baby.

An investigation was opened after the discovery. And as reported by La Stampa, the appointments at the hospital have been interrupted for two weeks.

"It is a very serious case, we want to verify the path followed by the center and the reasons for which timely information was not given to the central authority", they communicate from the Ministry of Health.

Exchange of embryos? An isolated case

According to what the general manager of the Asl of the city B VDel Paeseno De Salazar declares to La Stampa: "The General Management, without prejudice to the need to immediately give all the couples treated in the session in question every possible support and assistance, believes to send a message of serenity to all the other couples who have already used the Assisted Reproduction Center, specifying that, if what reported is confirmed, it would be a matter of isolated and accidental event that should not generate worries or doubts in families ". (Watch Insemination, the techniques banned in Del Paese)


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