Family cars: models recommended for 2022

Family cars: models recommended for 2022
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Dimensions, comfort, consumption, price, but above all safety. When transporting children, it is the latter that should be taken into consideration the most. But what is the safest vehicle for our little ones to travel in?

To say it is Euro NCAP, the European body that every year carries out a series of increasingly stringent and rigid tests to evaluate the performance of the cars. At the beginning of December the ranking of best cars for sale and, among these, there are also family ones. A segment of cars that is richer than in the past, which today includes, in addition to station wagons, also sedans, SUVs and minivans that range a lot in size and number of seats.

Mercedes A-Class: the safest car of all

Mercedes-Benz A-Class

This car got 5 stars thanks to an almost perfect score with 96 points out of 100 for adult safety, 91 for child safety and 92 for pedestrian safety. With petrol or diesel, the price starts at 26.640 euros.

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The best family cars

In the evaluations carried out last year on family cars (large and small family cars, large and small minivans), Euro NCAP has compiled the ranking of safer family cars of all.

2.Lexus IS

It is a sedan hybrid, suitable for families. The model is the best in the separate ranking of large family cars. From the list the starting price is 50.800 euros.

3. Audi Q3

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2. Ford Focus

Bronze medal for an excellent family member who in 2022 obtained 85 points out of 100 in adult safety, 87 for that of children and 72 for that of pedestrians. Available in diesel or petrol, it has a starting price of 20.000 euros.

3. Nissan Leaf


1.Lexus IS

Euro NCAP crowns this model as the best in the class of large family members with 91 points out of 100 for the safety of adults, 87 for that of children and 90 for that of pedestrians, obtaining 5 out of 5 stars as an overall rating.

3. Volvo V60

The Swedish carmaker also takes third place in the standings with this model which has won 5 stars thanks to 96 points out of 100 for safety for adults, 84 for children and 74 for pedestrians. Available in petrol, diesel or hybrid, it has a starting price of 38.410 euros.

The safest cars for children

If you filter the ranking by the parameter of child protection guaranteed by the cars, here are the models that were safer in 2022:

- Mercedes-Benz A-Class with 91 points out of 100.
- Mazda 6 with 91 points out of 100 (but lower overall rating than the first).
- Ford Focus with 87 points out of 100.

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