Father's day, here are the gift ideas for March 19th

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The appointment is now close and must be celebrated properly. Being a dad is serious business and each of them definitely deserves a nice gift from their little prince or wonderful princess. Has yet to be born? It matters little! Father's Day is also valid for those who are still waiting for the big day.

What if ideas for a special Father's Day gift are in short supply? We are here for this! Today we give you some. With a little advance, so you will have plenty of time to organize everything in the best way.

Father's day and coordinated clothing

It is a rather widespread trend that is enjoying considerable success. Let's talk about the coordinated adult-newborn clothes. In the case of females, you often see the same dresses around for the mother and, in "mignon" format, for the girl. But there are also various proposals that can also be adapted to Father's Day.

A classic are the printed t-shirts to show off next summer. An example is the one with the words "Me" for that of the father and "Mini me" for that of the boy or girl. This is an absolutely unisex idea. There are various versions in different colors. A very nice one is the t-shirt with the two prints “Tale father” and “Tale son”, one with beer and the other with bottle.

Another model instead consists of the t-shirt for the father and the bodysuit for the newborn. A print that we really like is that of the pizza which is missing a wedge for the adult t-shirt and the missing slice on the child's bodysuit. The latter is available up to 18 months, then we move on to t-shirts.

Still on the subject of leotards, let's move on to a decidedly more romantic one with the words “Happy first father's day”. It exists both in long and short sleeves and there are various colors: white, light blue, gray and pink. Sizes from 0 to 12 months.

Father's Day: Personalized Gifts

Virtually any object today is customized based on recurrences. Often there is also the possibility of making the gift truly unique, for example by inserting the father's name or that of the child, photos or sentences written for the occasion.

Let's see some ideas. One could be the beer glass for "The Best Dad in the World" to add the name to. You could also top it all off with a selection of German beers. However, if your partner is not a lover of this drink and if you look carefully here and there, you may also find those for whiskey or red wine.

For teetotal dads, you can think of something else personalized that, however, celebrates them big time. We go from the keychain to the cup, to the bracelet for the "super dad".

Father's day and special gifts

Do you want to be witty? An award plaque then is what it takes. So celebrate, with metal and blue velvet, the protagonist of the party. There are various models with different phrases. An example? "To the father that I am lucky enough to have and that I would not change for the world". Tender…

Also to be fun you could give the "father's report card". It is a giant ticket, 80 × 60 centimeters, which contains the grades given to the father, from geography to art, from physical education to… conduct! The report card is issued by the "Ministry for the best families". Final vote? 10 and praise of course.

A book to make no mistake

Whoever gives away a book is unlikely to be mistaken. In front of a title like “A dad's love” any man will get excited. The story is that of a father who, day after day, shows his son all his love for him, carrying out simple but meaningful actions. The book is enriched with beautiful illustrations. In addition to the printed version, there is also an e-book.

And why not add a special birthday card to the book? Even the seemingly "toughest" fathers will not be able to help but melt. The most original tickets? Those pop-up, that is, with embossed paper decorations. For a lover of rock music you can choose the one with electric guitar and amplifier. For the more romantic ones, instead, the one with dad and little girl walking together hand in hand.

Father's day: hi tech and free time

The right gift must be made following the tastes of the person who receives it. Otherwise what pleasure is there? For example, is your partner passionate about technology? Echo Plus is the one for him. It is the tool that allows you to access Amazon's voice assistant, Alexa, which allows you to do many things. Using your voice you can play music, control apps or turn on the lights in the house. Alexa opens up a truly new and wonderful world ...

Love for the music? A vinyl then is the most suitable gift for Father's Day. Maybe a historic and unmissable one, like the Beatles' “Abbey Road”. A true milestone in the history of world music.

If, on the other hand, you have a dad who loves DIY at home, this could be the right opportunity to buy a drill and throw away the old one. While if she works in the office, how about a brand new bag with lots of compartments? The ideal is to find one that also has space to put your laptop or tablet safely.

Found the right idea? Not yet? We have one last resort for you, which is sure to make your Father's Day perfect. An elegant box with an Amazon voucher that your man can spend as he prefers on all the products he wants. The voucher starts at 30 euros.

Whatever thought you choose… happy Father's Day!

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