Fatherhood makes men ... fatter!

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It is usually women who worry about having to get back into shape and into old jeans after becoming moms. Now, however, the point of view is reversed. A recent American study studied men's weight before and after they became fathers.

The result? Men gain weight after they become dads. And their waistline gets bigger. On average, a 180 cm tall man gains about 2 kg after the arrival of the heir.

Researchers from the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago (USA) have in fact monitored the body mass index (BMI) of more than 10 thousand men over 20 years. Volunteers were weighed in early and late adolescence, around the age of 25 and shortly after 30. (Read also the test: What dad are you?)

It emerged that the increase in the body mass index in fathers oscillates between 2% and 2,6%.

In contrast, men who did not become fathers lost 1,3 kg on average over the same life span.

So not only does marriage increase the belly of men, but parenthood as well. But as Dr. Craig Garfield, associate professor of pediatrics at Northwestern University states, "The more a man gains weight, the more his BMI increases, the greater the risk of heart disease, diabetes or cancer." We must therefore pay attention to health.

The reasons for weight gain? Lifestyle change

With fatherhood, lifestyle and eating habits change. "Now that there are children there are other responsibilities and we take less care of ourselves," continues Garfield. "The family becomes a priority". And you risk eating even the leftovers of your children.

Source: northwestern.edu

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