Fatherly love, 10 practical tips to create a strong bond with the newborn

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Fatherly love

For a mom creating a bond with the baby is quite instinctive: she feeds him, changes him, takes him in her arms. Mothers stay home from work and spend all day with the baby, as if the first months were still tied by the umbilical cord.

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But the dads? Often men immediately go back to work, and when they return home in the evening, they find themselves in front of an unknown being, especially if it is the first child, and they do not know how to behave. In many cases it is a question of shyness or fear of not being up to the mother.

Here are some tips from the American online magazine babycenter.com to help fathers break the ice with the newborn e build a good emotional bond.

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1 Give the bottle at midnight

Once breastfeeding is well underway, your wife may pump herself and leave the nighttime feed to you. 
Breastfeeding a newborn in the middle of the night is tiring, but it is also a moment of great intimacy. You will not regret it.

2 Play who can stare at the longest

Babies love to contemplate faces. Start staring at your little one, you will start a "race" with him where the one who looks away first loses ... And while you play this game with him you will be able to admire his little eyes, ears, nose ... 

3 Put it in the pouch and play kangaroo

Babies love to be attached to their parents. When you come home from work, put the baby in a pouch or sling, tie him to you and do your activities: clean the garden, set the table, take the dog out ... 

4 Take a bath together

If your baby doesn't like bathing and screams and cries instead of getting nervous, get undressed and get into the tub. Take him in your arms, curled up on your chest the little one will relax and so will you!

5 Read the sports page

Reading books to babies is very good, but not because of the story itself, which they still don't understand, but why they relax and listen to the sound of your voice and are reassured by your presence. So leave the bedtime book, open the sports page and in a calm and relaxed voice read the results of the matches!

6 Change his diaper

The diaper change is a good time to bond with the little one. While the baby is lying on the changing table and you are tinkering with the clean patello you can take the opportunity to chat with him.

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7 Stay close to him when he has a fever

Children especially when they start the nursery, they get sick frequently, colds, phlegm, fever. And it is in these moments that you realize how much the little ones really need you. A night spent with the little one who is not well in his arms will make you still more aware of how important and precious parenting is.

8 The baby will be your gym

Now that you are a parent, you don't have much time left to go to the gym. But if you want to train your biceps, you can lift your baby up and down by 3 pounds or more. You will keep fit and he will have a lot of fun.

9 Have fun photographing it

Babies are super photogenic, have fun taking lots of photos and send them to friends and family. And everyone will see that you are having a great time as dad.

10 Let him experiment with physical games

Several studies have shown that mothers and fathers care for babies differently: mothers are more cuddly, fathers are more physical. Shaking a child should never be done because it is dangerous, but certainly you you will be able to stimulate his muscles. When it is a little older you can throw it in the air, bounce it on your lap, hold it under one arm, things that a mom usually does not do, but that the little one will really like.

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