Fear of bedtime and nightmares, advice for parents

Source: Shockdom publishing house

Evening comes, night falls, and there sleep approaches. Fear of the dark and of the nightmares can make this moment very critical for some families.

To help mothers, fathers and children, the series of books "The Master Noah and the good night fears" was created, published by the Shockdom publishing house and written by Oriana Staiano together with Daniele Lombardi and with illustrations by Francesco Castelli with the colors of Tommaso Valsecchi.

"It is a useful tool to help children sleep in a fun way, defeating the fear of the night that comes in the dark and with nightmares" says Oriana Staiano, trainer and coach in neurolinguistic programming (NLP) for over 24 years , author of training and personal growth books.


The moment of sleep it is very delicate for some children: “First of all we have to face the separation from the parents, especially from the mother; and then there is no more light, so you are left alone in the dark. Finally, there is the fear of nightmares that children live as real experiences, because they do not yet have the ability to distinguish between fantasy and reality ”.

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In general, there are a few things that can be done to help children overcome their fears.

5. In the case of nightmares

do not diminish the fears of children


children from 4 to 7 years

Master Noah and the fear of the dark

Master Noah and nightmares

Master Noah is a wise and elderly turtle who teaches in the Toy Town school. Her companions are small trains, bears, toy soldiers, robots and dolls and every day each of them has to face a fear.

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“I wanted the children to totally identify with the characters who, from time to time, have to face their fears - explains Oriana Staiano -. So instead of the name of the main toy, there is a space in which to write the name of the child to whom the story is being read ”.

Master Noah manages to guide the little readers, teaching them how to deal with and overcome their fears. To make the reading effective, “Have the child choose a quiet place, a place where he is comfortable. Dedicate the necessary time to reading, without haste, no clocks and no anxieties. Make sure that nobody or nothing disturbs the story: silent cell phones, friends and relatives can wait, only you and yours, your children ”.

Then, read the story, possibly several times in a row, trying to identify as much as possible with the characters and following the indications: “those in green will help the reader to better express the reading, some movements, silences help to prepare the mind to learn the next technique. There are words in bold and entire sentences in italics, every detail has a connection, nothing is left to chance ".

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