Feeding children, 4 rules for healthy eating

Feeding children, 4 rules for healthy eating
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La Food and drug administration (Fda), the American body that regulates drugs and foods, has published on its website a list with four useful tips for guaranteeing a healthy diet for children who return to school.

The rules identified by the institution are as follows:

  1. plan meals,
  2. present fruit, meat and vegetables in an unusual and fun way,
  3. do not make exaggerated portions
  4. and always read the labels.

In this article

  • Schedule the week
  • Present fruits and vegetables in an unusual and fun way
  • Don't overdo portions
  • Always read the labels

1 - Plan the meals of the week

Leila Beker, of the FDA's Center for Food Safety, said the key to preparing healthy food is planning: it's best to start plan family meals for the whole week.

"If it's a task that scares you, start by planning lunch for a day or two and then increase. Get your children to help" - says Beker - "prepare meals and plan, so they will develop healthy habits that will last forever. Without programming, you end up taking ready-made foods ''.

Best to use mainly the following ingredients: fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, dairy products and whole grains.

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2 - Make fruit and vegetables interesting and fun

Another useful tip is to show and explain to your children what you are doing.

Beker said about it: "If you don't eat healthy foods they won't. Keep them entertained. If you make them interesting fruits and vegetables, they'll eat more. Give them whatever they like, and maybe add some seasoning. Mix the foods. in an unusual way, cut fruit and vegetables into fun shapes and pieces, and varied ''.

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3 - Portions smaller than those of adults

It is better that the portions are proportionate to the age and constitution of the child.

"Don't expect children to eat as much as you do - Baker said -" otherwise they will feel frustrated. They will overeat and will not develop a habit of eating until they are full. Let them make their own portions at the table. ''

How many calories does a baby need?

Here is an indicative table of children's daily calorie needs, divided by age and gender, based on the indications of the LARN (Recommended Nutrient Intake Levels) of the Del Paesena Society of Human Nutrition.

These values ​​may increase or decrease based on the child's physical activity or based on actual or desirable weight.

Age Males Kcal / day Females Kcal / day


7,5 1596-2378 1424-2161
8,5 1643-2504 1419-2264
9,5 1680-2645 1410-2401
10,5 1907-2213 1666-1924
11,5 1991-2340 1737-2046
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4 - Always check the labels

According to the FDA scholars, it is useful to always check labels, to evaluate nutritional values, verifying the sources of fats and sugars. You don't have to add extra fat or sugar to make the meal tastier.

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