Female names for girls: the most used and widespread

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Undecided about the name to give to your baby on the way? To give you some good suggestions, we have selected for you the female Del Paeseni names most loved by Del Paeseni parents in the last year, the most particular, the most classic and the most trendy. But also the vintage and biblical ones. Between these, Frida, an increasingly popular name, or Maria ed Elizabeth, two timeless classics and biblicals. But also Carlotta, Emma, ​​Mia and Sveva.

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Female names 2022: trends

Will your baby be born in 2022? Any idea of ​​an emerging name with a mix of the most loved evergreens of recent years? We have made a selection for you of the five most beautiful names. Frida remembers the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, Luna it is affective and auspicious, Eva is a wish for life and Greta, in honor of activist Greta Thunberg.


Female names: 2022 trends

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Are you expecting a baby girl and are you looking for a name to give her? We have selected 20 female names among the most beautiful that we believe will be trends for girls who will be born in 2022 ...

The ranking of female names

  1. Frida - Germanic name. The name day is celebrated on November 1st, All Saints' Day. To remember with this name the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo.
  2. Greta - It is the Scandinavian variant of Margherita. She means "pearl" (Rita is a multilingual diminutive for it, but self-attested: see) and, figuratively, a precious, rare person.
  3. Amelia - A variant is Amalia. It is a name of Germanic origins and means: "active, hardworking". Name day: January 5th.
  4. Luna - Luna is a name that refers to the famous star. Affective and auspicious, it has Latin origins.
  5. Eva - Name of Hebrew origin. It means: "she who gives life, who makes fruitful". Name day: February 2nd. Eva Peron (1919-1952) second wife of the President of Argentina Juan Domingo Perón. She was one of the most loved first ladies by the people.
  6. Sara - Of Hebrew origin, it means "princess, queen, lady". Nameday: April 20 (Sarah of Antioch), October 9 (Biblical Sarah).
  7. Carlotta - Of Germanic origin, it is the variant of Carla. It means "strong", "worthy". Name day: January 18th. Among the literary characters we must remember Carlotta, the female protagonist in Goethe's "The pains of young Werther".
  8. Olivia - Of Latin origins and derives from the Latin noun olive, "fruit of the olive tree". The name day is celebrated on 3 and 10 June.
  9. Mia - Anglo-American and multilingual variant of Maria. Mine, like Mary, has a mystical and magical aura, it is pure essence of air.
  10. Adele - Name of Germanic origin. It means: "noble". The name day is celebrated on December 24th. Among the famous people with this name, Adele, British singer-songwriter.

Most popular female names, according to Istat

The top 10 most popular and most loved female names by Del Paeseni, according to the updated 2022 ranking (the latest official ranking) of Istat, are the following. Always timeless among the first places, Sofia, Giulia and Aurora.

  1. Sofia - Wisdom, knowledge, wisdom, science, knowledge: Sofia has these meanings and qualities. It is also the name, in Greek mythology, of a goddess of wisdom.
  2. Giulia - Name of Latin origin, it is dedicated to the one who descends from Jupiter or a devotee to him. The son of Aeneas, Julo gave birth to the gens Iulia, whose most famous exponent was Gaius Julius Caesar. The name day is May 22nd.
  3. Aurora - The meaning of the name is "luminous", "shining". Aurora has an artistic and balanced personality from a sentimental point of view.
  4. Alice - Means "noble and handsome" and is a name of Celtic-Germanic origin. It is impossible not to remember the protagonist of Lewis Carroll's famous novel "Alice in Wonderland".
  5. Geneva - Of Celtic-Gallic origin, Geneva means "white spirit or genius": in Cimbrian "gwen" stands for "white" and "hwyfar" for "spirit".
  6. Emma - Of Germanic-Gothic origin, Emma means "gentle". Who bears this name is a sweet person, who combines intelligence and ingenuity with a strong spirit of initiative.
  7. Giorgia - Of Greek origin, this name is linked to agriculture and life in the fields. Giorgia's name day is dedicated to Saint Giorgia, Virgin of Clermont, and falls on February 15th.
  8. Greta - It is a variant of the name Margherita. It should come from the Scandinavian version of Greta or from the German version, i.e. Grete, Gretchen, Gretel and Gretah. The meaning is "pearl", but also figuratively, "precious person".
  9. Beatrice - Of Latin origin, Beatrice is auspicious and dedicated to "the one who makes one blessed and contented". The most famous Beatrice remains the one loved and sung by Dante in his works. Nameday to choose between 18/19 January, 13 February or 29 July.
  10. Anna - Of Hebrew origin, it means "grace".

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Original baby girl names

Do you want to give the baby a particular name? Here are some ideas. Sveva refers to the Swabian people, Maya means mother, creator. Sun: brightness, warmth and life.


30 original female names

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Ondina, Sveva, Aria, Elettra, Frida, Penelope are original and little used names. Here is our selection of the most particular but beautiful female names.

  1. Ondina - It derives from the name Onda which is a diminutive of names such as Raimonda, Gioconda. The name is adhespot, that is, it is not worn by any saint: the name day falls on November 1st, All Saints' Day.
  2. Petra - Latin name meaning stone, rock. Nameday: 29 June (St. Peter the Apostle, with St. Paul) or 31 May (Santa Petronilla of the martyr city).
  3. Sveva - Name that refers to the ancient people of the Swabians. Name day: 8 September. Sveva Casati Modignani is the pseudonym used by the writers Bice and Nullo Cantaroni.
  4. Daphne - It comes from the Greek and means "laurel". According to the myth of her, Daphne was a nymph who, in order to escape the god Apollo, who fell in love with her, was transformed into a laurel plant.
  5. Maya - Name of Greek-Latin origin, it means "mother, creator". Maya Sansa is an actress from Del Paesena.
  6. Nina - Born as a diminutive of names ending with -nina, such as Antonina, Giannina. Among the famous people the singer Nina Zilli.
  7. Isolde - It derives from the Celtic and means "protects with iron". Nameday: 2 April. Isolde is the name of the protagonist of the myth of Tristan and Isolde.
  8. Violante - Name of Latin origins and means "similar to violets". Nameday: May 6. Among the famous is the singer and actress Violante Placido.
  9. Sun - It means light, brightness, heat, life, vitality, energy. The name day can be celebrated on 19 September, St. Helium's day or even on 18 July (Sant'Elio di Capodistria) or 28 October (Sant'Elio di Lione).
  10. Electra - Greek name. In the mythology she is the daughter of Agamemnon who with her brother Orestes avenges the death of her father at the hands of her wife and mother Clytemnestra. Elektron means "shining object". The name day is celebrated on 14 October.

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Classic female names

If you want to opt for a classic and elegant name, Caterina could do for you. It means pure and is of Greek origin. angelica is the "messenger", Chiara it will be bright and shining.

Here are some other examples:


Children: 40 classic but not very common names

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If the names most chosen by parents in 2022, according to Istat data, are the classics Sofia, Aurora, Giulia, Francesco and Alessandro, there are many other very beautiful but less common ones ...

  1. Maria - Jewish-Aramaic origin. She means "afflicted and embittered (for the death of Jesus); lady, mistress, but also 'loved' and 'dear'". Nameday on 12 September. To remember: Maria Callas and Maria Montessori.
  2. Elisa - Name of Hebrew origin, is the diminutive of Elisabetta. It means "God is fullness". Name day: June 26 (Sant'Elisa).
  3. Francesca - Latin name. It means "French, relating to France or coming from France". Nameday on October 4th.
  4. Angelica - Of Greek origin. It means "messenger or nuncio". Nameday: 6 December. Angelica is a character in Ludovico Ariosto's "Orlando furioso".
  5. Caterina - Name of Greek origin. It means "pure". The name day is usually celebrated on April 29 in honor of Saint Catherine of Siena.
  6. Chiara - Name of Latin origin. It means "bright, shining and, in translation, famous, famous, illustrious". The name day occurs on 11 August in memory of St. Clare of Assisi.
  7. Valentina - Of Latin origins. It means "she who is worth, is in good health". Nameday on July 15th.
  8. Bianca - Latin name, derives from the adjective blancus, white. Santa Bianca is celebrated on December 2nd.
  9. Giovanna - It means "gift or grace of God but also God has heard". Name 'beneficial' and graceful as the 'grace' of its meaning, which also connotes a gentle character, yes, but firm and decisive.
  10. Costanza - Name of Latin origins. It means "tenacious, firm". The name day falls on 11 March. Among the women of history: Constance of Altavilla, queen of the city and empress of the Sacred of the city Empire.

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Short chic female names

Do you have a long surname and don't want to "weigh down" the future baby? Or you just prefer short, easy-to-remember, immediate names.

We have prepared a selection for you of short and chic names with one basic rule: never more than four letters.

  1. Ada - Female name of Germanic origin. It literally means "of noble lineage." Sant'Ada is remembered on June 28 and December 4.
  2. Anna - Name of Hebrew origin with the meaning of grace and mercy. The name day is celebrated on July 26 (Sant 'Anna is the mother of the Virgin Mary, wife of San Gioachino and therefore grandmother of Jesus). September 1 (Saint Anne the Biblical Prophetess).
  3. Bice - Latin origin, name deriving from the female variant of Beatrice. It is celebrated on January 18th and 19th (blessed Beatrice d'Este [13th century]); February 29 (blessed Beatrice d'Ornacieu); July XNUMX (Santa Beatrice of the city).
  4. Egle - Of Greek origin. It means "shining, fleeting".
  5. Emma - Gothic-Germanic origin name. It means Gentle. It is celebrated on April 19th (Saint Emma of Saxony), May 13th (Virgin Saint Emma), June 27th and 29th (Saint Emma of Gurk).

40 short and chic baby names

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Ada, Emma, ​​Mia, or Leo, Ennio, Zeno ... Short names have a simple but elegant sound. Here are some of the most beautiful, for boys and girls.

Biblical female names

Between the Old and New Testaments we are full of traditional and still beautiful name ideas. Among these we certainly find Maria, but also Anna, Rebecca, Elisabetta, Eva.

We have collected 30 name ideas straight from the Bible for you.


30 Beautiful Biblical Girl Names

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The Old and New Testaments are full of female characters with beautiful names and from which we can take inspiration in choosing the name for our daughter. They range from the most original, ...

Vintage female names

You like the name Elvira? It's a retro-flavored name with a sweet meaning (cheerful or friendly). Or there is also Rita, diminutive of Margherita over time it has become a name in itself. Here is a selection of ancient yet beautiful names.

  1. Elvira - Of Germanic origin, it means "cheerful". The name day is celebrated on January 27th.
  2. Rita - It means little pearl and is celebrated on May 22nd.
  3. Irma - Variant of Emma, ​​means "great, powerful". It is celebrated on April 19th or June 27th.
  4. Vanda - Of Germanic origin.
  5. Adalgisa - Always of Germanic origins, it means "arrow that gives nobility".

30 baby names, vintage but still beautiful

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Vintage names are those that were all the rage in the early decades of the twentieth century, you will have heard them in the family, between grandparents and uncles. But many of these names are really beautiful, because ...

Rare female names

Clarissa, Tessa, Azzurra, Diamante, Isotta: very few common but beautiful names. We have made a selection of rare female names for you.

  1. Isolde - Of French origin, it means "she who protects with iron". The name day is celebrated on November 1st.
  2. Dorotea - It means "gift of God" and has Greek origins. It is celebrated on February 6th.
  3. Chloe- It comes from the Greek and means "green, young, fresh".
  4. Iris - It comes from the Greek and means "messenger of the gods".
  5. Lea - Comes from Latin and means "lioness".
  6. Clarissa - Comes from medieval French Claritia. It means "clear, brilliant, famous".

Foreign female names

More and more popular, they have that exotic taste that has become a trend in recent years. Furthermore, overcoming the boundaries of Del Paeseni, the range of names to choose from is multiplied dramatically. Here is a selection of the most beautiful foreign names for girls.

  1. Astrid - It means "loved by the gods".
  2. Aisha - Arabic name that originates from one of the most representative wives of Mohammed. It means "alive".
  3. Emi - Japanese name meaning "grace".
  4. Zoe- It comes from the Greek and means "life".
  5. Soraya - Of Sanskrit - Indo - Persian origin, means "the sun and the moon together".



20 Roman female names with an ancient flavor

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Valeria, Terenzia, Gaia, Claudia, Emilia, Giulia and Ottavia are names of Latin origin. In history, the Valerii were a well-known 'gens' of the city; the gens Terentia was the name of ...

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