Female names: the most loved by our parents

Sofia it means "wisdom" and was also the name of a goddess of wisdom in Greek mythology. Emma derives from irmin which means "great, powerful" or from imma "diligent, industrious". Amme "nurse and immi" wolf "are not to be excluded. Then there is Giulia, with the meaning of "sacred to Jupiter" or "burning heat". Aurora, which indicated the divinity who represented the return of light. Then Martina, Adele, Greta, Vittoria, Sara and Nicole.

Here is the list of the most searched names in 2022 by moms and dads on mymodernparents.com:

  1. Sofia

  2. Emma

  3. Giulia

  4. Aurora

  5. Martina

  6. Adele

  7. Greta

  8. Vittoria

  9. Sara

  10. Nicole

  11. Isabella

  12. Matilda

  13. Cloe

  14. Beatrice

  15. Rebecca

  16. Vanessa

  17. Sonia

  18. Antonella

  19. Alessandra

  20. Valeria

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How to choose the name of the girl?


Remember that the Del Paesena law admits a maximum of three names, it is possible to give foreign names but using the Del Paeseno alphabet and ridiculous and shameful names are prohibited. It is also not possible to give the child the name of a living sister or a surname as a first name.


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