First appointment for the final check

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First appointment for the final check

If a small percentage of pregnancies ends with a delivery earlier than expected, for the most part it reaches the 37th week, considered by now finish it. But what happens when you are 40 weeks old and still nothing is moving? Today we talk about the first appointment for the final check.

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  • What to bring on the first appointment

Pregnancy beyond the deadline, what does it mean?

As we have said, a child is regarded as born to finish if born after 37 weeks of gestation. From this moment, therefore, many women they are anxiously waiting for something to move and for the bimbo decide to be born. These are often very long weeks, in which the weight of the belly and the discomfort make days and nights difficult. If you then get to 40 settimane, consider the term of pregnancy, and nothing happens, the gestation it is to be considered beyond the term. From this moment, in fact, the woman is checked several times during a couple of weeks, to verify that the fetus is well, the amniotic fluid is sufficient and there are no problems. 

Generally, if you are faced with a pregnancy beyond the term, an induction of delivery is expected after 41 weeks.

What to do if you reach 40 weeks

Then arrived at 40 settimane, it is necessary to book periodic checks to evaluate the overall state of the pregnancy and in particular the fetal health. Normally it is the gynecologist or the structure that follows the gestation to establish the schedule of checks, already foreseeing, towards the 37 38-weeks, first appointment for the term visit.

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First full term pregnancy appointment

If you arrive at the deadline there are no signs of labor, so you will have to undergo the first appointment for full term pregnancies which, in many hospitals, has a ambulatory dedicated. This first visit after the expected date of delivery serves to monitor various parameters. 

On the first visit, the pregnant woman is monitored by the fetal beat for about 30 minutes to an hour. One is performed obstetric visit to check the status of the cervix and eventual expansion, the amniotic fluid is checked and the mother's blood pressure is measured. 

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When to book your first term visit

As already mentioned, it is usually those who follow you in the pregnancy who is responsible for indicating, on the occasion of the last visit, when you will have to return if, past 40 weeks, you have not yet given birth. This usually happens around 37-38 weeks, but if this is not the case it is best to contact your gynecologist or the facility where you intend to give birth to take appointment. Lot of hospitals public have clinics dedicated to monitoring full-term pregnant women. 

Low-risk full-term pregnancy

However, there may be differences depending on the type of pregnancy. For example, if it is a high-risk pregnancy, they may decide not to carry you to term e induce childbirth before the deadline. On the other hand, in those that do not present risks, it is customary to book the first appointment at 40 + 3, then repeating it every 3-5 days until the time of delivery, whether it is induced or which occurs naturally.

What to bring on the first appointment

What you have taken appointment you or have given it to you automatically, you will have to show up for the visit with your health card and, in general, also the referral from the NHS (the red one) asking for "obstetric examination and obstetric ultrasound". So ask the hospital or doctor's office if you need this prescription or not. 

Il first appointment for the final check it is usually booked by the structure in which it is intended give birth, and its purpose is to check the health of the baby and mother. In some cases the birth precedes it, in others it is only the first of a series of visits that the full-term pregnant woman will have to undergo after the 40th week.


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Updated on 05.11.2022

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