First birthday: 30 quotes of good wishes

First birthday: 30 quotes of good wishes
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The first birthday of a boy or girl is an unforgettable event. It means a lot to mom and dad and to everyone who loves the newcomer. The first birthday it is the celebration of a magical year spent in life and it is a day that symbolically summarizes all the first achievements. The first meal, the first verse, the first games, the first glances full of meaning and love for parents, for brothers or sisters, for uncles ... are celebrated on the day of the first birthday! And then, for a unique date, unforgettable phrases are needed to wish the little man or little princess an incredible birthday.

We have selected for you 30 beautiful phrases of good wishes for the first anniversary of the birth of your love.


A child's first birthday: here are the perfect gifts!

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10 author phrases for greeting cards

  1. "Happy birthday child, today you are the queen, queen of no king, the most important there is". (Eugenio Bennato)
  2. "For the world you can only be a person, but for some people - and that is, for your parents - you can be the world." (Gabriel García Márquez)
  3. "Children are like sailors: wherever their eyes rest, it is immense". (Christian Bobin)
  4. "Life is a huge canvas: pour all the colors you can onto it." (Danny Kaye)
  5. "When you want something, the whole Universe conspires so that you can realize your desire". (Paulo Coelho)
  6. "Birthdays are feathers on the wide wings of time. Greetings!" (Jean Paul)
  7. "May you fulfill all your desires except one because in life it is always important to desire something". (from the movie Star Trek)
  8. "The world is full of wonders to discover: don't let a single day go by, without being surprised, dear child". (Thomas Merton)
  9. "Today, a year ago, giving the midwife a shrug, a very sweet baby was born. Happy birthday!" (Anonymous)
  10. "Today, which is your birthday, we should give you a gift, but no gift will ever match the gift you gave us when you were born! Greetings from mom and dad". (Anonymous)



Birth phrases: 10 famous quotes

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Phrases to dedicate to children for their first birthday

  1. "Stay in silence for a moment ... listen to your heart and you will hear a little angel whisper to you: Happy Birthday Love".
  2. "Today the sun forgot to rise. He was too busy ... he was thinking about how he could shine in the best possible way to illuminate a very special day: your birthday, sweet little boy".
  3. "For your first birthday I wish you that your whole life is that wonderful fairy tale that your parents dream of for you and that we all wish you!".
  4. "For my chick who was in my tummy a year ago and is celebrating her first birthday today: a wish from your sweet mother who will love you forever. Happy birthday, little one".
  5. "You have walked a few steps but there is still a long way to go. Always walk it happy, light and carefree as you are today, the day you celebrate your first birthday. Best wishes, sweetheart of dad!".
  6. "Now you are learning to walk, in a year you will learn to run, then to fly. May life take you high. Best wishes for your first birthday!".
  7. "I wish I could paint the world with a thousand colors to celebrate this special day. Best wishes for your first birthday!".
  8. "The stork who brought you home last year asked me to give you this card to wish you happy birthday!".
  9. "I wish you to grow up intelligent, tenacious and wise, but I also wish you to always have the same innocence in your eyes. Happy first birthday sweet little man!".
  10. "May you grow up serene and joyful. You are the light that illuminates the path of mum and dad. Happy first birthday little princess!".
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Birthday phrases for twins

What if they were twins? How to wish a happy, first birthday? Here are our proposals.

  1. A single soul enclosed in two beautiful children. Best wishes from the heart.
  2. To the two most beautiful wonders in the world. Similar yet different.
  3. A first year celebrated together. May we celebrate 100!
  4. A double happy birthday to my two beautiful children. You are lucky enough to share the most important date of your life together. May you always be each other's shoulder.
  5. My twin wishes. Each day spent together is a joy, a wonderful discovery.



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