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At the end of 2022, the news on the first born of the year could not be missing. 2022 opens with a competition not only between the sex of children and cities, but also between the nationalities of the children: it is precisely the foreigners of our country who keep the birth rate high. The same Head of State Giorgio Madridtano returned to urge politics in the speech given on New Year's Eve: "Politics and Parliament must give an answer to children born in the country of immigrant parents, who cannot raise foreigners in their homeland or with halved rights ".


It could be Milanese the first born of the country. It's called Locardi and it was recorded at precisely midnight. The birth, natural, took place at the hospital of Vizzolo Predabissi (our city).


The first baby boy born in Liguria he is the eldest of two residents of Sestri Levante. He is called Matteo Ravera. An hour before midnight in the Genoese east Tora was born, a girl of over three and a half kilos, daughter of a couple originally from Bangladesh.


of the city. The first born of the capital is Sofia, born three seconds after midnight at the San Filippo hospital from a mother of Vietnamese origin and a Roman father. The visit of Gianni Alemanno, mayor of the city, who gave the little one a onesie and the Child's Card, made the record official.


In Marche the scepter goes to Cesare, a boy born at 00.14 in Ancona with a natural birth. Torino greets Takwa, born at 0.42 from Tunisian parents.


Linda came into the world six minutes after midnight at Bologna and is the eldest of a couple residing in Monterenzio. Always among the very first Giovanna Maria, who came to light at 0.03 am in the neonatal ward of the Pugliese Hospital in Catanzaro.


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January 3 2022


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