First courses for all tastes

  • The first is always a cheerful and very welcome dish: change the pasta shapes often, to accustom the child to the variety of what he finds on the plate.
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  • Cappelletti are a type of stuffed egg pasta.
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    Cappelletti in beef broth

  • It is a classic of Del Paesena cuisine: remember that for an excellent broth the meat should be placed in cold water; for an excellent mixed boiled meat, the meat should be placed in hot water.
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    Shells of Ischia

  • The abundance of basil gives this dish all the Mediterranean flavor and scent of the island of Ischia
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    Conchiglie oil and lemon

  • A first course to be served hot or cold depending on the season: in summer it is a particularly fresh and appetizing dish.
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  • A very easy recipe, for a first course to be prepared on the fly.
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    Ravioli with apples

  • It is a typical dish of the Nordic cuisines, where apples are grown in quantity.
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    Risotto with apples

  • Risotto can be made with the most varied ingredients: in this case the apple gives a slightly acidic and very pleasant flavor.
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    Spaghetti in mortar

  • The sauce is a special pesto, completely different from the usual and very digestible.
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    Green noodles with milk

  • This can be a very spring single dish and in addition to peas you can also use broad beans, whole if small or peeled if larger.
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