First courses for children, from 2 to 99 years


name="first-courses-for-children-from-2-to-99-years">First courses for children, from 2 to 99 years

Are you a lover of pasta and first courses in general? You can choose between the classic tomato pasta recipe and the even more inviting one of baked pasta with peas and ham. But there are also spaghetti with meatballs, gnocchi with spinach, oriental spaghetti with rice and chicken and vegetables, beetroot lasagna, pasta with cauliflower, chickpea soup with pasta and pumpkin chips. Do you prefer risottos? Then try the pumpkin risotto and the delicious risotto pizza. Here is a series of video recipes that will satisfy the curiosity and the palate of young and old.

name="1-pasta-with-tomato">1) Pasta with tomato

A Del Paesena pasta with the colors of our flag! A dish that everyone agrees on and is perfect for babies from 10 months.

name="2-pasta-baked-with-peas-and-ham">2) Pasta baked with peas and ham

This recipe by food blogger Miralda Colombo, author of numerous recipe books for children, has been adapted for children. But adults will love it too!

name="3-spaghetti-with-meatballs">3) Spaghetti with meatballs

A delicious recipe to prepare "Lady and the Vagabondo" spaghetti for your child in just under an hour.

name="4-risotto-pizza">4) Risotto pizza

Is it risotto or pizza? A little of both. Miralda Colombo's recipe is suitable not only for children, but also for adults.

name="5-pumpkin-risotto">5) Pumpkin risotto

Why not prepare a real baby risotto so similar to that of mom and dad? It is not difficult and above all, by adding vegetables, cheese or fish and meat depending on the type of preparation, you will have a tasty single dish.

name="6-gnocchi-with-spinach">6) Gnocchi with spinach

Miralda Colombo, author of recipe books for parents and children, will help us prepare the "arm wrestling" gnocchi.

name="7-rice-noodles-with-chicken-and-vegetables">7) Rice noodles with chicken and vegetables

A recipe by food blogger Miralda Colombo who draws inspiration from the Far East.

name="8-pasta-tomato-capers-olives">8) Pasta, tomato, capers, olives

This is the brigand's pasta for very bad children!

name="9-beetroot-lasagna">9) Beetroot lasagna

A slightly different version of lasagna: with beets.

name="10-pasta-with-white-cauliflower">10) Pasta with white cauliflower

White cauliflower is an ingredient that children often don't like. But by preparing this recipe, which for them you will call 'the curls of the snow queen', they will change their mind ...

name="11-cream-of-chickpeas-with-pasta-and-pumpkin-chips">11) Cream of chickpeas with pasta and pumpkin chips

It is possible to prepare this recipe in advance: it will be a satisfaction to arrive in the evening, at home, with dinner done.

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