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When you try your first steps, it is good that you do it barefoot. Thus he can have contact with the ground and through the nerves of the foot feel like having an optimal support. If you have a cold floor at home, just let the boy or girl wear non-slip socks: they keep your feet warm and offer the necessary freedom of movement. Shoes will instead be needed when will try to walk outside the house. First, to protect your feet from the cold, even when you go for a walk, socks may be enough.

Having reached the milestone of the "first steps", here's how to choose the first shoes.

7 Advice to mothers and fathers for the purchase of the first shoes

  1. As children tend to retract their fingers, before going to buy shoes, you could help yourself by preparing a template. Here's how to do it: you have to put the baby or girl up on a cardboard, preferably in the afternoon, because that's when the feet are more swollen. Then you trace the outline of the foot with a pencil and cut it out. When you go to buy shoes, in addition to letting the little one try them on, you also have to compare them with the shape.
  2. Typically most shoes have the footbed that can be pulled out and on which to rest the foot in order to check if the size is adequate.
  3. Inside the shoe should be 1cm or 1,5cm longer than the foot to wrap the foot more gently than a snug shoe.
  4. To make it easier to put on, you are warned: if the shoe (in the case of a boot) has the side zip the foot enters very easily
  5. Better put your hand in the shoe and feel if there are seams or sharp parts: they could be annoying or cause chafing.
  6. The sole should be flexible. An easy test to do to make sure is this: take the shoe, hold it in the palm of your hand, close it between your thumb and forefinger and see if it flexes. If it does, go ahead!
  7. Parents should periodically redo (about every three months) the shape of the foot and check that the foot has enough space in the shoe. Because baby feet grow fast.

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