Food allergies, how to treat them

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The mini-guide for parents on food allergies was developed with the advice of prof. Giovanni Cavagni, Head of the Pediatric Allergology Operating Unit of the Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital in the city.


Diagnosis with 'traditional' tests. To diagnose an immediate allergy, skin tests can be carried out, such as the prick test, or blood tests, with the search for specific antibodies (IgE) for a particular food (the most common allergenic foods are milk, eggs, but in the course over the years fish, shellfish, dried fruit are also frequent).

State-of-the-art exams. In addition to these 'classic' tests, there are other cutting-edge diagnostic tools: one is available to the pediatrician who, thanks to a special device, taking only three drops of blood from his little patient, is able to identify in his office in a few minutes if the child is allergic to the 10 main allergens contained in food.

The second can only be carried out in the third level Centers of Excellence and uses a method taken from molecular biology: by taking a single drop of blood, the specialist is able to search for the 'culprit' among over 100 allergic molecules. "The real novelty of this technique is that you can discover not which food the child is allergic to, but which protein contained in that food" explains prof. Cavagni. "In this way it is possible to make a targeted diagnosis, to prescribe the most suitable therapy and also to identify the most effective vaccine to prevent the reactions, even serious ones, that an immediate allergy can cause".

AIFA (Agenzia Del Paesena del Farmaco) has proposed that a 'pen' containing a dose of adrenaline - the only lifesaving drug in the event of anaphylactic shock - be provided free of charge by the ASL to the parents of these children to go to the nearest emergency room. Unfortunately, not all Regions have aligned themselves on this indication, creating real territorial discrimination, for people of an age in which such blatant injustices should not exist!

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