Foods prohibited (at least) up to the child's three years

Foods prohibited (at least) up to the child's three years
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After one year of age, nutrition becomes more and more similar to that of the "big" child and the adult. Some foods, however, remain prohibited and others must be a lot limited at least up to three years.

Here is what foods it is, according to the indications of Stefano Martelossi, former head of the gastroenterology and infantile clinical nutrition department of the Burlo Garofalo hospital in Trieste, now head of the pediatrics unit of the Treviso hospital.

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All foods prohibited up to three years

1 - Raw meat and fish

They can contain germs, so they can cause intestinal infections. Children are more at risk than adults because they do not yet have a fully efficient natural defense system to protect them.

2 - Raw milk not properly prepared and raw eggs

The same considerations made for raw meat and fish apply. Raw milk must be boiled (or at least kept at a temperature of 80 ° C for a few seconds) before it can be safely consumed.

3 - Seafood (mussels, clams)

They can be heavily polluted, especially if they come from areas close to ports and discharges. They can cause poisoning, such as salmonella.

4 - Coffee, tea and other caffeinated drinks

They have a stimulating effect that is not beneficial for young children. Their intake can have consequences on sleep and mood.

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5 - Sweetened drinks

Fruit juices with added sugars, iced tea, etc. they do not bring nutritional benefits, promote obesity and get used to the sweet taste, increasing its attractiveness. Even after the age of three, drinking sugary drinks such as iced tea, fruit juice, cola, etc. should be limited to special occasions such as birthday parties.

6 - All alcohol

They irreversibly damage brain cells, and interfere with growth. They shouldn't be taken until adulthood!

Foods to eat in minimum quantities up to three years, but to be limited even after

1 - Fatty cheeses such as mascarpone and gorgonzola and cured meats such as salami, pancetta, mortadella, coppa

Their high fat content promotes obesity also because they alter the mechanisms that regulate appetite, postponing the onset of satiety. Furthermore, especially cold cuts also contain a lot of salt, which should be limited.

2 - Canned foods or foods containing preservatives and dyes

If it is true that the substances used for the preservation of canned foods cannot be considered harmful to the organism of children as their use is regulated and controlled, it is equally true that they have no nutritional value, nor do they bring health benefits. therefore it is better to avoid them by resorting, as a healthy alternative, to fresh foods.

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3 - Sale

It should be used extremely sparingly and only when actually needed (for example, it is right to put a pinch of it in the vegetable soup, to give it some flavor). Thus the child gets used to appreciate the natural taste of food, to the benefit of his health even in adulthood, since salt is an important risk factor for hypertension. Preferably, use sale iodato.

4 - White sugar and sweets

White sugar could be completely avoided (or very limited in any case), sweets should be offered only occasionally, because they get used to appreciating and then seeking the sweet taste, favoring obesity.


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