Gentamicin or gentamicin + betamethasone for children

Gentamicin or gentamicin + betamethasone (trade names Gentalyn and Gentalyn Beta respectively)

What is that The first is an antibiotic, the second in addition to the antibiotic contains a cortisone drug.

When it is indicated Gentamicin is indicated in case of skin infections, such as boils, eczema with infections, impetigo. The association with betamethasone is necessary if the infection also causes itching or on the contrary if due to a skin lesion (eg eczema, mosquito bite) the child scratches himself and gets an infection, with pus leaking, which must be treated with an antibiotic. The combination of the two active ingredients is also good in case of minor irritation to the genitals (possible when children go to school alone and have not yet learned to clean themselves well), if the child, due to scratching, is procured a small superficial infection.

How it applies Only for the strictly necessary period, a couple of times a day, on clean and dry skin. No more, because there is a risk of developing a sensitivity towards the active ingredients.

when not Ointments containing gentamicin (with or without betamethasone) are indicated only if there is an infection, otherwise an ointment with cortisone alone is required.

(Consultation by Clavenna, researcher at the Laboratory for Maternal and Child Health of the Mario Negri Institute in our city)

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