"Giving birth without pain": the photo report from the delivery room

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Chiara is 42 years old and has recently become a mother for the second time. A much desired and sought after child. Little Celeste was born on December 10th at the Fatebenefratelli Isola Tiberina Hospital in the city. 3 kg 460 gr for 54 cm of sweetness. Her brother Costantino, 4 years old, also born at Fatebenefratelli, and her father, 41 years old, welcomed her into the family. For both parts of her the new mother bis made a choice: resort to epidural analgesia (or epidural). A service guaranteed by Fatebenefratelli since 1996 when the dedicated free "painless birth" service was opened 24 hours a day.

Chiara is the protagonist of the third photo report from the delivery room made by mymodernparents.com. Labor and childbirth were followed and immortalized step by step by our photojournalist Anna Catalano, specialized in childbirth photos.

This article is the third of the special dedicated to reportage of childbirth throughout the country that began last year and which will also accompany us in 2022. At the end of November we had told about Pamela's birth and her pregnancy with lymphoma. And in mid-December that of mother Elena, 33 years old and four children. We followed her to the delivery room at the birth of the twins Benedetta and Leonardo. 16 PHOTOS

Painless childbirth: reportage from the delivery room

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Chiara is 42 years old and has recently become the mother of little Celeste for the second time. Here are the photos of her giving birth to her with analgesia: Chiara has in fact chosen to give birth with ...

The day before the birth and arrival at the hospital

"The day before the birth? It was a Sunday" explains mum Chiara. "I had gone to the in-laws for lunch with my family and I was already feeling some signs and contractions. I hadn't given too much weight: I had already had them in the previous days".

Then the nuisance increased and in the evening the contractions became more intense. “I still went to bed quietly.” The night, around three o'clock, became more intense and painful. We all woke up. I took Costantino and we took him to his grandparents. Then, we walked to the hospital. When I arrived, they visited me and did the monitoring. The contractions were regular and they decided to hospitalize me. "

Application of wirless monitoring, which allows the pregnant woman to move freely within the ward.

Dr. Maria Grazia Frigo, Director of Anesthesia in Obstetrics, performs the combined spine-epidural on Chiara.

Chiara was entrusted to a midwife who then followed her throughout the birth. "For the parties in general we have a one to one relationship"confirms Elisabetta D'Amore, coordinator of midwives." In the event of active labor, the parturient is assigned to a midwife who will probably always be next to her. Midwives have 12-hour shifts to prevent the woman from having contact with too many people. At most there is a shift change ".

"I started dilation" continues mum Chiara. "At 2 cm they proposed me to do the epidural and I did it. She was not painful, I did not feel particular discomfort in doing it and I continued to dilate quickly: I almost immediately reached 8 cm "explains Chiara.

The midwife Eleonora assists and supports the pregnant woman during the epidural.

"At that point we began to prepare for the final stage, the expulsive one. At my side, always the midwife. The final part is the most 'ugly' one, if I can define it that way, because even if you have anesthesia, you still feel ... you feel the pain. But having my husband's support at my side has done a lot. As well as knowing that you are in a state-of-the-art facility with specialized staff. I was calm ". (Read also: the four stages of childbirth)

Dad and mom Chiara.

The midwife Eleonora with Chiara.

A moment of late stage labor.

A child born ... face-to-face!

Then ... the unexpected. That nobody expected. "The little girl instead of coming out of the nape of the neck she came out of her face. Had it been the first child, they would have given me a caesarean. Everything was so fast anyway. The midwife immediately called my gynecologist, Dr. Fusco, and he also assisted me in the final phase. Surprise aside, everything went well and the baby went out quickly and without problems. Seeing my gynecologist immediately reassured me a lot ".

The midwife Eleonora follows the entire birth. In this image the final push that leads to the birth of Celeste.

The midwife welcomes Celeste.

"A quite exceptional fact, especially at the end of pregnancy" adds Dr. Paolo Fusco, gynecologist of the Fatebenefratelli Isola Tiberina. "I was present as a precaution and we faced him so that the lady's thrusts ran her course."

"The event was made possible by a series of favorable factors and by the fact that he was a second child and therefore the mother's tissues were softer. But also by a good sharing of a common project: not to be frightened by the presentation. atypical of the baby and to bring the birth safely to a successful end "confirms Maria Grazia Frigo, head of the Obstetric Anesthesia Unit at Fatebenefratelli Isola Tiberina. In addition, the birth was also made possible by the epidural. "The surface of engagement, given that the child was facing the face, also increased the diameter" continues Dr. Frigo. "A very painful situation. Mom would have struggled to give birth. Having good analgesic coverage she managed to coordinate the thrusts to allow the passage even if the head position was not optimal and she was deflected forward."

The birth of Celeste

The moment they give it to you, they place it on your breast, you feel its contact, all the love you can feel for a child explodes.

The little Celeste is delivered to her mother, to immediately favor skin to skin contact and attachment to the breast.

"Finally the best moment. When she comes out completely" explains Chiara with a smile. "You are physically relaxed, empty, you feel that you have given your best and that you can only recover. And then in seeing it ... how much emotion! An emotion that comes from 'nothing': from nothing you find yourself with a life in your arms. The moment they give it to you, they place it on your breast, you feel the contact of her, all the love you can feel for a child explodes. Seeing her little eyes, her expression, recognizing her, in him, is her most beautiful emotion ".

Skin to skin contact between mother and daughter.

Give birth with an epidural? It allows you to better deal with the final stage

"Epidural? In my case I would do it again immediately. As soon as you do it, you immediately feel the benefit. It allows you to better face the final phase, the most demanding "explains Chiara." It takes away the pain a lot, a lot. In my opinion it is very important to do it. Because at that moment you can't wait to breathe a little, because you can't take it anymore. I can only speak well of it, she helped me both when I gave birth to Celeste and Costantino ".

"Giving birth with analgesia does not only mean taking away the pain" confirms Dr. Frigo. "It is working to ensure that those who are giving birth do not lose their sensitivity. It usually works like this: we try to be very selective to hit the 'ways of pain', but maintaining the perception of the sensations so as to make you feel the desire to push without perceiving it in a painful way. To do this, the drug must be administered sequentially and therefore not in a single administration ".

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A month with Celeste

Celeste turns one month today. A month of sweet surprises. "Compared to her brother, she is a very quiet, calm baby. She feeds her, falls asleep in a cradle. She eats every three hours and is super-good. The little brother, on the other hand, was always crying and had exchanged day for night. to recover from childbirth and recover my energy ".

About the photographer Anna Catalano

Anna Catalano, 37, is a professional photographer.
He has been shooting for more than 15 years, he studied photography and continues to update himself today.
In 2022 she became Giulia's mother. Since then her attention has focused on motherhood and childhood, telling it in an authentic way, trying to bring out and exorcise the most common cultural and social clichés linked to this universe, in disparate and often difficult contexts and contexts.
He collaborates with Del Paeseni magazine, hospitals, companies and individuals.
We at MyModernParents have chosen Anna to develop childbirth photo-reportage, to which she dedicates herself with professionalism, passion and great respect for the people involved.
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