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Each child has his own times

Sometimes it happens: there are babies who sleep at night immediately after birth. On the other hand, most children succeed towards the end of the first year of life. All in the norm. Sleeping is an evolutionary stage. Parents can encourage the baby to sleep, but he won't be forced.

On the theme of sleep, read the opinions of several Del Paeseni experts It's bedtime, like putting the baby to sleep

Get six hours of sleep in a row

A newborn sleeps on average 16,5 hours a day, at three months it sleeps 15, at 9 months 14. If a baby sleeps a lot during the day, the night's rest will be shorter. We talk about sleep without stopping when the baby sleeps at least six hours straight (not eight or ten as parents hope !!!).

Don't overlook the signs of fatigue

At first, babies are so overwhelmed by this world that they fall asleep everywhere: on their mother's breast, in their dad's arms. It's pleasant, and it's fine as long as parents want to allow their child this closeness. But it's natural: sooner or later it's bed time! If the child yawns or rubs his eyes, he goes to bed awake. It is important not to let the moment of fatigue go unnoticed. If you put him there for the first time, he will probably protest because he doesn't want to be there. So you have to be patient, wait for the next chance to sleep right away.

Children at night do not want to be alone

That they sleep in their own room and not in the big circle around the campfire is a relatively modern innovation. In the world for a night's rest, the rule is that the child sleeps in the same room as the parents, in the bed immediately next to the adults, or with the parents in the bed. How close the family wants to have the baby is a personal decision. Many parents in the first few months prefer to have a cot or crib in their room to make sure they can hear it.

A fixed ritual every evening

There are a thousand reasons to put off bedtime. The hour before going to sleep passes in a more relaxed way if all the participants have a clear idea of ​​the procedure: after dinner we go to the bathroom, put on the diaper for the night and brush our teeth. On the sofa you cuddle and read the story, and in bed there are still one or two lullabies.

My parents are there

If a child cries at night, he needs help, always and immediately. Especially in the first six months he needs to know: I'm not alone, my parents take care of me. This does not mean that mom and dad rush to every cough on the bed; one should not react immediately even to the rumbling of the evening, when the child does not want to go to bed.

(Article from Eltern)

Children's sleep books:

Luigi Ferini Strambi “A perfect sleep” Ed. Sperling / Kupfer ("In this book only a part is dedicated to the child, but it should be remembered that often behind the child's sleep problem, there is an adult sleep problem," the author emphasizes)

Carlos Gonzales “Bésame Mucho (How to raise your children with love)”, Coleman Publisher

Grace Honegger Fresco "Let's sleep", Ed. The green lion

Sara Letardi “My baby doesn't sleep me”, Ed. Bonomi

Keudel and Kunze "Your baby's sleep", Ed. Tecniche Nuove

Martina Rinaldi, 101 Ways To Fall Asleep Your Baby, Newton Compton Publishers

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