Going out with the baby in cold weather: advice from the midwife

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Winter is coming, temperatures have dropped across the country and the rains are causing inconvenience.

The cold and the walk with the newborn can become a source of concern for new mothers: will the temperatures be too cold? What time is recommended for the stroll? Better to stay at home? How to dress him? In order not to be caught unprepared about these seasonal doubts, we asked Anna Sebastiani, a midwife who collaborates with the Mammamondo center in our city, to give us some practical information for a safe exit.

Never give up on the walk

«Babies must always be taken out - encourages the midwife - we must not be discouraged by bad weather. A moment more attention should be paid only in case of strong wind ». Read also: wind and children

The ideal time? "Late morning or early afternoon, when the air is generally warmer, are the best times to go out with the little one, even if there is rain or snow." Everything is about getting organized in the best possible way: «The oilcloth transparent to be applied to the stroller or pram, it is ideal for protecting them and at the same time allowing them to enjoy the light and crisp air ».

How to dress them

Sweaters, sweatshirts or jumpsuits? For new mothers in the throes of dressing worries, there is only one rule to follow: "To choose how to dress the little ones correctly, look at how you chose to go out and dress the baby in more or less the same way". For example, if you have a cotton t-shirt, sweater and down jacket, consider covering the baby in the same way. To understand if the situation is under control «check that their feet are always warm».

Some precautions to observe: «Dress them just before going out, do not prepare them an hour before» and when you are indoors «do not leave them covered, open their jacket if you go to the supermarket. In case, bring a blanket with which to wrap them ».


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Let's not forget the hat

On the market you can find all sorts of dresses and the right accessories to best cover them: "Tutoni and sacks are ideal," Anna Sebastiani emphasizes. «When it's cold, never go out without scarves, gloves and hats that cover your ears well, especially on windy days. Personally I recommend that mothers use a balaclava, extremely practical because it meets all needs ».

Another passepartout is the gilerino: «At home when it's cold I always recommend it, to keep the chest and bronchi covered, even at night when the little ones sleep and often uncover themselves».


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