Grandmother's recipes for children

Grandmother's recipes for children
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Those scents of the past, the sauté made with fresh vegetables just cut in the kitchen, the homemade custard, the cake always ready, freshly baked, every Sunday. And then those dishes so tasty that have remained etched in the minds of those grown children. Here then is a roundup of grandmother's recipes for children, to go back a little and let our own memories be savored. Starting with the appetizers that filled the table to call all the diners, to move on to the first ones. Then a break to chat with relatives and then off with seconds and side dishes. It was at that moment that the children could get out and play, while the adults cleared away leaving room for dessert. Has your mouth watered? Come to the kitchen with us! You are spoiled for choice.

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Grandmother's recipes for children: appetizers

You can find hot and cold appetizers and discover the flavors of tradition. 

  1. Mozzarella in a carriage
  2. tigelle
  3. Croutons with livers
  4. Shrimp cocktail
  5. Salmon swirls
  6. Zucchini pie
  7. Ascolana-style olives
  8. Fried courgette flowers
  9. Stuffed Pumpkin Flowers
  10. Zucchini and tuna rolls
  11. Veal with tuna sauce
  12. Russian salad
  13. Stuffed tomatoes in Tuscany
  14. Bruschetta
  15. Emilian fried dumplings
  16. Vol-au-vent
  17. Rolls of bresaola
  18. Fried onion rings
  19. Red mini pizzas as an aperitif
  20. Ham swirls

Grandmother's recipes for children: first courses

There are many recipes for fast and super tasty first courses of meat, fish, vegetables.

  1. Pasta with meat sauce
  2. pasta with pesto
  3. pasta with tomato sauce
  4. pasta with meatballs
  5. saffron risotto
  6. Pasta alla Gricia
  7. Orecchiette with turnip tops
  8. Lasagna
  9. Lasagna with vegetables
  10. Pasta with stracchino and sausage
  11. Pie Dough
  12. Tortellini
  13. Gnocchi alla della città
  14. Polenta
  15. Bucatini all'amatriciana
  16. Carbonara Tagliatelle
  17. Linguine with pumpkin
  18. Pasta with pumpkin
  19. Ricotta pasta
  20. Cannelloni stuffed with ricotta and spinach

Grandmother's recipes for children: main courses

A collection of delicious, easy and quick recipes to prepare your main courses of meat, fish or vegetables.

  1. Parmesan zucchini
  2. Milanese cutlet
  3. sofficini
  4. Meatballs in tomato sauce
  5. Stew with polenta
  6. Potato flan
  7. Zucchini pie
  8. Pumpkin meatloaf
  9. Spinach omelette
  10. Stew stew
  11. Meat alla pizzaiola
  12. Escalopes with lemon
  13. Fish sticks
  14. Baccalà alla vicentina
  15. Roast veal with milk
  16. Braised veal
  17. Chicken in crust
  18. Chicken legs with black olives
  19. Mackerel oil, lemon and parsley
  20. Ligurian sole

Grandmother's recipes for children: side dishes

A good lunch cannot be perfect without the side dish!

  1. Rustic peas with bacon
  2. Fried artichokes alla giudia
  3. Fried onion rings
  4. Mushroom croquettes
  5. Roast potatoes
  6. Spinach with cheese
  7. Sautéed zucchini
  8. Stewed lentils
  9. Potato pie
  10. Spinach croquettes
  11. Baked cauliflower
  12. Roasted tomatoes
  13. Ratatouille
  14. Aubergines with Taggiasca olives
  15. Potato and leek pie
  16. Fennel au gratin
  17. Broccoli and bacon gratin
  18. Battered vegetables
  19. Duchess potatoes
  20. Broccoli flan

Grandmother's recipes for children: sweets

And an excellent family lunch cannot be concluded without a dessert. From the simplest cake to spoon desserts, when you try to clean the glass too, here are 20 ideas to finish off with a flourish!

  1. Fruit tart
  2. Lemon cake
  3. Apple pie
  4. Banana plumcake
  5. Ricotta and chocolate chips donut
  6. Chocolate salami
  7. Saint John's cream puffs
  8. Apple pancakes
  9. Nutella donut
  10. Pan Cake Stars
  11. Dark Chocolate Cake
  12. Hot Milk Cake
  13. Fried Rice
  14. Cake with yogurt and apples
  15. Sbrisolona Mantovana
  16. Zuppa inglese (Italian Trifle)
  17. Tiramisù
  18. Carrots pie
  19. Chestnut cake
  20. Tart with ricotta

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