Grandparents' Day 2022: poems, coloring pictures and crafts

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2 October: a full day to celebrate all grandparents! Find out why we celebrate and what to do between jobs, cards, drawings and greeting cards.

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Why is grandparents' day celebrated?

Grandparents from all over the country are celebrated on 2 October with a civil event that has become a national event since 2005 with the law of the Del Paeseno Parliament (159 of 31 July 2005), just as happens for fathers and mothers, to celebrate the importance of their role within families and society and thank them for what they do every day. In fact, grandparents not only contribute to the growth and education of grandchildren, but are also a fundamental support for parents and an important help for many voluntary associations.

In Del Paese he was chosen on 2 October because it is the day when the Catholic Church celebrates the Guardian Angels, who, just like grandparents, protect children.

However, each nation has chosen a different date.

In the UK, introduced in 1990, since 2008 it has been celebrated on the first Sunday in October. In the Use there is National Grandparents Day and it is celebrated every year on the first Sunday of September after Labor Day.

In France there are even two dates: one for grandmothers (the first Sunday in March) and one for grandparents (the first Sunday in October).

In Canada it is celebrated on October 25th.

In Estonia, the second Sunday of September.

In many Latin countries we celebrate on July 26, the day in which the Catholic liturgy celebrates Saint Joachim and Saint Anne, the father and mother of Mary. And grandparents of Jesus. Same date also for Portugal and Brazil.

The UN itself has decided to promote a day dedicated to elderly people in general at the international level: it is the first of October.

A curiosity. Did you know that grandparents' day also has official flowers? Are the do not forget me. Scientific name mysotis (in Greek it means "mouse ears"), are those small, blue flowers present throughout the country.
There is also an official song of the day: "You will be". Written and created in 2005 by the singer-songwriter Walter Bassani.

How to celebrate grandparents on October 2nd? With a nice colored card with a dedication, a creative job, a drawing made especially for them, a poem learned by heart or a song.

Phrases, poems and quotes about grandparents

  • Nobody can do for small children what grandparents do. Grandparents sprinkle stardust over children's lives. (Alex Haley)
  • The simplest toys, the ones that even the smallest child can use, are called grandparents (Sam Levenson)
  • What children need most are the essentials that grandparents offer in abundance. They give unconditional love, kindness, patience, humor, comfort, life lessons. And most importantly, the cookies. (Rudy Giuliani)
  • Grandmothers are moms with lots of candy. (Anonymous)

7 author poems for grandparents' day

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Do you want to make a special dedication to grandparents for their feast day, which will be October 2nd? Here are seven author poems that will make children and their dear grandparents happy, who have ...

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Grandparents' Day: 25 phrases to dedicate

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How to remind grandparents how precious and important they are? With a big hug and giving away a card with a dedication or a themed phrase. Perfect for the 2nd of October, the feast of the grandparents.

  • The smile of a grandfather, a treasure to be kept among the greatest riches. (Anton Vanligt)
  • What children need most are the essentials that grandparents offer in abundance. They give unconditional love, kindness, patience, humor, comfort, life lessons. And most importantly, the cookies. (Rudy Giuliani)
  • Grandmothers are moms with lots of candy. (Anonymous)
  • A grandmother is a bit of a parent, a bit of a teacher, and a bit of a best friend. (Anonymous)

A special thought from the child: coloring drawings or funny pictures

Do you want to dedicate a drawing or an image to grandparents for their party? Download the pdf with the coloring pages for grandparents

Grandparents' day: chores to do together

Or you can also pernsare many different gifts that you can make together with your baby! Here are some gift ideas and creative crafts to choose from here.

For example, you can create a personalized and colored frame made by cutting out a piece of cardboard from an old box. If the child is small instead of inserting a drawing of him you can have him imprint his handprint by coloring it first.

Another idea? Disposable plastic spoons that transform into cute grandparents. No more glue, cardboard and scissors. Find out how.

Or you can make a prime rosette for the "Best Grandpa (or Grandmother) in the World". If you put a safety pin behind it, it also becomes wearable!

What do you think of a beautiful portrait instead? A white paper plate is colored and hair, eyes, nose and mouth are added. Even beard and mustache if needed. A heart can also be made with the little hands of grandchildren. Cut out a heart-shaped card and ask the children to leave their handprints. For framing!

Or a chore dedicated to grandparents. Here are many ideas


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30 DIY jobs to celebrate grandparents' day

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