Great Britain: drug-free fertility technique (ivm)

Tina Milkovic tried and succeeded: she was the first British woman to successfully use a fertility technique that does not require drugs: in vitro maturation (ivm). This is why she has decided to make her story about her public and to entice all those women who have abandoned the dream of a child to follow her example.

The technique used, in vitro maturation (ivm), consists in taking the oocytes from the maternal ovaries to mature them in the laboratory, without using drugs. A safer alternative for women suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome, because in vitro fertilization (IVF) could have serious contraindications due to the drugs used to stimulate the ovaries.

Initially, the Milkovic family had wanted to keep the news anonymous, but when the twins turned 5, the parents decided to go public with their story to encourage other couples who want to fulfill a child's dream to resort to this. technique.

A safe treatment that could be a valuable aid to many women with polycystic ovary syndrome; in fact, 1 in 10 women are affected and about 40% need fertility treatments. And, for 25% of them, ovarian hyperstimulation is a risk that can even be fatal; in fact, about 1% of women who undergo IVF end up in hospital for this reason.

The problem is that IVF uses massive doses of fertility drugs to mature the oocytes inside the ovarian follicles, pick them up and then fertilize them with sperm.

With the IVM, on the other hand, the not yet mature eggs are taken from women, whose ovaries have not been stimulated, and are matured in the laboratory for up to 48 hours and then fertilized with sperm.

In addition, the mv has a lower cost than in vitro fertilization, but it is half as effective.

Prior to the UK, the technique was pioneered in South Korea and Canada. '' The night before starting the IVF - says Tina - we discovered that our doctor had been authorized to try the IVM. So we tried it, and it went well on the first try. Many women are unaware that this technique is available in England. ''

Source: Reuters

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