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Forty settimane of total upheaval, hair included! and pregnant hair very often they are upset. You noticed it great, right? From the earliest days, every woman he warns of alterations, both on a bodily and emotional level. There gestation changes the skin, affects the bones and can change - for better or for worse - the most important symbol of the beauty of each of you: the hair.

For some future moms gestation is accompanied by an increase in the growth of hair, which become more robust and shiny. This happens because, during the nine months, there is an increase in the production of estrogen which increase the thickness and growth of the hair, thus keeping them longer in the anagen phase (which is, in fact, the one in which they grow).

Some of you may be looking at the mirror thinking “But when ever! The situation is desperate! ”. It may happen that i pregnant hair are in bad shape. They are dry, they break and fall: these are inconveniences that can happen to mothers in wait.

The good news is, to get one back foliage bushy and shiny, it is not necessary to wait for the delivery. Often using a good one mask or balm, you can easily fight dehydration. Ask for advice from hairdresser on which products to choose: i pregnant hair they need special attention.

As a precaution we do not recommend the dyeing: may contain ammonia or other substances that can be absorbed through the scalp and that may not be good for your little one.

However, rest assured if you have made one ink before you find out you are pregnant: in the first weeks there is no blood exchange between mother and fetus.

An alternative to the ink classic is thehenna, a natural substance that has no toxic effects: you can choose between several shades depending on your own colore Basic. On the other hand, there is no contraindication for the sunstrokes, than ours hairdresser apply only on the length of the hair and do not touch the cute.

After delivery, there is a drastic decline in estrogen, responsible for an important project in the following two months fall of the hair, common to many new mothers. However, this is a temporary condition which, in most cases, reverts to normality within six months or so.

Reminder: during the pregnancy always follow asupply adequate e hair e nails they will thank you. Any use ofsupplements specifics must always be agreed with the doctor.

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