Happy name day, the most beautiful phrases

Happy name day, the most beautiful phrases
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The name day of your child or a loved one is approaching and you want to dedicate a splendid sentence, to be written perhaps on a card accompanying an original gift? We offer you a series of phrases funny and sweet, quotes, funny phrases to wish a good name day.

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Happy name day, greetings phrases

The baby's name is a real one business card, which represents him in the years of his life. When, during pregnancy, the moment of choosing a name approaches, not only the parents gather information on the meaning, but also document themselves on the saint and on the day on which it is celebrated. 

In some regions of the Paesene the name day is still a very heartfelt recurrence. This anthropologically depends on the strong religious sense that, especially in the past, was present in the country and especially in the southern country. Here, then, are some nice or sweet phrases to wish a good name day. 

  1. “Your name is too good to forget. Happy name day! ».
  2. “There are millions of people who celebrate the name day today, but for me you are certainly the most special. Happy name day! ».
  3. “Your name is like you: impossible to forget. Happy name day! ».
  4. “A special name for an equally special person. Happy name day! ».
  5. «You are a true Saint, and not only on the day of your name day. I thank you for everything and I wish you the best for today and for the future! ».
  6. «A name like many others, a special person like few. Happy name day from the bottom of my heart ».
  7. «The calendar says that today is your day, but for me every day of the year is dedicated to you, because my very life revolves around yours, I want to be part of you. Happy birthday love ».
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Happy name day, quotes

Here are some quotes to wish loved ones a good name day. 

  1. "What's in a name?" What we call rose even with another name always retains its scent ». William Shakespeare
  2. "When I felt alone I whispered his name, our name, and, holding my breath, I waited for an echo, certain that one day he would answer." Khaled Hosseini
  3. «Call me with your name, I will call you with mine». Armie Hammer
  4. “The letters of one's name have terrible magic, as if the world were made up of them. Would a world without names be conceivable? ». Elias Canetti
  5. “It is important to see how people choose names. Dying and giving names - one does nothing more sincere, probably, for as long as one lives. " Alexander of the city
  6. “You always have to call things by their name. The fear of the name only increases the fear of the thing itself ». From the Harry Potter movie
  7. "I always have your name / on the tip of my tongue / like a shot in the barrel / aimed at the heart." (Valentino Zeichen)
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Happy name day, funny phrases

And, finally, some phrases, author or otherwise, amusing, to dedicate on the day of the name day to the loved one or to one's child.

  1. «It's hard to get a name. A bad name, take it off ». Roberto o
  2. "Nicknames stick to people, and the more ridiculous they are, the more they stick to them." Thomas C. Haliburton
  3. "Until I was thirteen I thought my name was" Zittotu "." Joe Namath
  4. "My name is Bond, James Bond." From the James Bond movie
  5. "I don't care what you say about me, the important thing is that you write my name right." PT Barnum
  6. «May my name also fall into thin air. But, at least, you can hear the thud ». Roberto o
  7. "To love means to get rid of names." Octavio Paz
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