Head of Department: what it is, when it occurs

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What is the foreman

Is called head of department the first menstruation after the birth of the baby, which marks the resumption of ovarian activity.

When it arrives

When could the foreman arrive?

  • if the new mother is not breastfeeding, after 40-50 days
  • if breastfeeding, even 60-70 days later, but also for the entire exclusive breastfeeding period

If the mother is not breastfeeding or if she is breastfeeding: the differences

If the new mother is not breastfeeding, the foreman arrives at the end of the puerperium, the post-partum phase that lasts about 6-8 weeks (40-50 days), while if you are breastfeeding it can also arrive later: 60-70 days later, for example, but it can also happen that menstruation is missing for the entire period of exclusive breastfeeding, only to return around the sixth-eighth month, when weaning begins and feedings decrease .

"By reducing the number of feedings, the synthesis of the prolactin, the hormone that activates milk production and at the same time inhibits the production of follicles and ovulation ", explains , gynecologist at the Clinic in our city. Or, again, it may happen that the absence of menstruation continues even after the introduction of complementary nutrition, if breastfeeding continues.

"In general, the more frequent feedings and the more often they occur at night, the more likely it is that the return of menstruation will be delayed. That said, not all breastfeeding women go without menstruation for months: some may even return 40. days after giving birth, as happens to women who are not breastfeeding, "he concludes Chiara Losa, pediatric nurse and IBCLC lactation consultant who works in the lactation clinic of the Buzzi Hospital in our city

Meaning of the puerperium

Il puerperium it is the period of time necessary for the female genital system to resume its normal function after childbirth. 

The puerpera is the woman who has just given birth. It comes from the Latin puerperium, puerpera, composed of puer, which means child, and opinion, to give birth.

What the head of the department looks like

The first menstruation after childbirth usually presents with a flow of 4-5 days rather abundantprobably because after so many months of amenorrhea the endometrial tissue is thicker. After the first cycle, the following ones return to being normal in frequency and quantity.

Many women who suffered from irregular and painful menstruation before pregnancy also notice a regularization of the cycle and a reduction of pain. The reason? "After the ovary has been at rest for many months, a more regular hormone production is activated, plus after delivery the contractility of the uterus is lower and there is less production of prostaglandins, responsible for uterine contractions" she explains .

Menstruation and breastfeeding: does anything change?

"It should be noted that the return of menstruation it does not affect the nutritional value of milk in the least product "specifies Losa." It is true, however, that there could be a slight change in flavor, so much so that some babies - but not all - find it a little harder to take the breast in those days or in the previous days ".

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Questions and answers

What is the foreman?

The first menstruation after the birth of the baby is called the head of the ward, which marks the resumption of ovarian activity.  

What to expect from the foreman?

The first menstruation after childbirth usually occurs with a flow of 4-5 days rather abundant.

Can you get pregnant before the head of the ward?

Yes, if you do not take into account the possibility of having a new pregnancy, protecting yourself during sexual intercourse is essential in the post-partum period even for women who are breastfeeding and in whom menstruation has not yet returned.

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