Headache children: in spring + 15%

For children who suffer from headaches, spring is truly a "cursed" season. In fact, headache attacks increase between March and June, so much so that at the Bambino Gesù Children's Hospital in the city there is a 15% increase in visits compared to previous months.

This happens because migraineurs are very sensitive to any kind of change,

as the temperature changes frequent in this period of the year where cold and rainy days alternate with sunny days.

But even the changes in sleep / wake rhythm, also caused by the change of time, can cause an increase in this disorder.

Furthermore, for school-age children, the increase in the number of attacks in the spring is also linked to the intensification of school commitment in view of the end-of-year tests (exams, final judgment) which subject them to greater stress. Also read 10 things that change from beginning to end of school

Migraine is the most common genetic neurological disease among children. In Del Paese it affects about 10 children out of 100. Its best known symptom, headache or headache, also typical of other pathologies (for example flu, rhinitis, pharyngitis) in pediatric age has an even higher incidence: over 40% of children suffer from it. The percentage doubles in adolescence, reaching up to 80% of boys.

"In case of recurrent headaches the first thing to do is to contact the family pediatrician to try to understand if the headache is an expression of migraine (it is so in 60% of cases), or a symptom of other diseases such as airway infections or potentially serious brain diseases. The second step is to contact a specialized center "says Massimiliano Valeriani, head of the Baby Jesus Headache Center.

How to prevent headaches

  • Often children suffering from headaches they are children full of school and extracurricular commitments, who have few moments of pure leisure and 'empty' times. As well as going to bed late and getting little sleep, while at their age they would need at least 10 hours of sleep.
  • And then it affects irregular eating, rushing, especially in the morning, when many children skip breakfast or do not eat enough, with the consequence that by mid-morning comes the drop in sugar which, in predisposed children, can trigger a headache.
  • We must also consider that the headache can be favored by spending many hours in front of TV, tablets or video games.
  • Very often, therefore, it is enough to correct the child's habits, reduce commitments a little and practice regular sporting activity, to prevent future attacks.

To calm a headache attack, most of the time it is enough to let the baby rest for a while, in a quiet and dim place.

To calm a headache attack, most of the time it is enough to let the baby rest for a while, in a quiet and dim place. To learn more about the causes and how to treat headaches in children, read the advice of Veronica Saletti, child neuropsychiatrist of the Besta Neurological Institute in our city.

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