Healthy and beautiful hair in pregnancy

Healthy and beautiful hair in pregnancy
  • Is it true that hair is in excellent health during pregnancy? Yes, because during the nine months there is an increase in the production of the female hormone estrogen, which increases the thickness and growth of the hair.

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The hairdresser's advice for having beautiful hair during pregnancy

Hair during pregnancy ages more than usual and easily becomes dry and stringy. Here are the tips of the Milanese hairdresser Cappucci to keep them beautiful and healthy:

  • use shampoos and products for the care of damaged hair;

  • the golden rule? rinse them for a long time;

  • wet hair is much more sensitive than dry hair. Don't rub them too hard with the towel;

  • make a pack with olive oil once a week: it helps to keep the hair hydrated; good old castor oil and flaxseed oil are also fine;

  • for a strengthening pack: in herbal medicine there are excellent products based on macassar oil;

  • those with dull and dry hair should make a compress with yogurt, those with oily hair should do the last rinse with vinegar;

  • the last tip: a few weeks before giving birth, it is better to make an appointment at the hairdresser. In the first few months the little one will not allow much free time.

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