Holidays in pregnancy, the '10 musts' to pack

When a woman is pregnant she is not sick but is just going through a phase in which her body needs more attention than normal. Traveling, if you are well and after consulting with the gynecologist of course, is therefore absolutely lawful, perhaps preparing yourself with greater care than usual for the move. Here are ten simple tips recommended by Federica Brunini, author of "The traveler's manual" (Morellini Editore), to feel better traveling even when another one moves in addition to one's own body.

  1. Amuchina (small bottles of 100 ml or tablets are on the market). It can be used as a personal disinfectant but also for water, for washing fruit and vegetables, etc.).

  2. Disposable paper underwear as well as a brand new invention the "hummingbirds". These are small paper cones for sale in pharmacies useful for peeing in public toilets without having to do dangerous and tiring acrobatics to avoid touching the toilet.

  3. A comfortable and loose dress. There is an unjustified prejudice against traveling clothes while in reality a dress can also help to lighten the luggage by transforming into daywear with flip-flops or crocks and evening wear with heeled sandals.

  4. Comfortable shoes and less laced as possible. Never boots. The crocks are a convenient solution because they are closed enough to protect the foot and can also be used with socks but can at the same time act as a shower, pool and beach shoe and in the suitcase you can recover the space they occupy by filling them with more objects. little ones.

  5. A scarf or a pashmina which acts as a blanket, headdress and bag at the same time.

  6. A shoulder bag which leaves your hands free, has a useful anti-theft function and can be hung, for example, in the bathroom, thus avoiding having to place it on the floor.

  7. A universal cream for face, hands and body but also, and above all, for feet and ankles that tend to swell out of size when pregnant.

  8. Socks. Essential since at airports you have to take off your shoes to pass the checks.

  9. A bag with wheels, possibly in light sail cloth so as not to have to load up with additional weights in addition to the extra one that you already carry in your belly.

  10. Dark glasses and sun cream, even more necessary than normal since the skin often becomes hypersensitive when pregnant.

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