Home birth: cost and how to organize

Home birth: cost and how to organize
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Home birth: cost and how to organize

Childbirth is a natural event that has always happened, but we know well that it is thanks to science and to advances in medicine if today many complex situations are resolved with positive results. But when the gestation runs smoothly, you can think of a I am leaving at home. Cost, organization and preparation: all you need to know if you choose the home delivery.

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When to give birth at home

First of all we need to make a distinction: there is a notable difference between improvising a delivery within the home e schedule a home birth. The home birth, in fact, is organized in the smallest details and only if certain conditions are met. It is not simply a matter of staying at home during the labor and to give birth to the child in this way, but to involve a team prepared and ready for any eventuality. 

Giving birth at home is therefore a personal choice, to be favored if the woman feel safer and more serene (perhaps following a first traumatic childbirth or a bad experience), but must be endorsed by midwives and doctors and also from an optimal state of health of the mother and child.

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When you can choose home birth

The birth at home, therefore, must be agreed and planned in detail with one structure. The pregnancy it must unfold in a manner physiological, with analysis always in the norm, without any kind of pathology or risk. There mother the child must be under 40 years of age and be in full health, respect the growth curves and, obviously, present himself in a cephalic position. 

If you want to give birth at home, therefore, you must inquire at a structure that takes care of organizing the home delivery. But beware: the cost it might discourage you. 

How much does it cost to give birth at home

Il I am leaving at home is possible thanks to a network of midwives which takes care of following and training the woman as early as the sixth month of pregnancy, in order to prepare her at the time of delivery so that he knows how to best deal with it. Generally, the midwives involved are at least 2 and they must be available, around the DPP, 7 days a week and 7 hours a day, within a radius of 24 minutes. Obviously, these are not volunteers: their work must be paid

give birth safely then serves the instrumentation adequate to cope with labor that at the various stages of childbirth, so we must also count the cost of material who will get the midwives to be able to follow the home delivery. In some cases, the presence of an ambulance parked outside the house for any eventuality: even here, it is not a free service

In Del Paese to date the average cost of a home birth it is around the 2-3.000 euro.

Is home birth reimbursed?

Good news, however, for those wishing to make a I am leaving at home and was put off by the expenditure: some regions allow you to apply for a reimbursement which covers - albeit in part - the home birth costs. So before choosing this mode, inquire at the associations who organize i party demedicalizzati to understand how much it will cost you and if you have the possibility to be at least partially refunded

Il I am leaving at home it is an alternative for women who are in good health and live one physiological pregnancy in which the fetus it grows and develops well but, although it represents a good saving for the National Health System, it still has a cost prohibitive for many couples.


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