Honey for babies: properties, benefits, risks, since when it can be given

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Honey to children yes or no? And since when?

Il honey is a natural and healthy product, «It is ideal in the children's diet, because from a nutritional point of view it is essentially made up of fructose, that is sugar, and therefore it is a energy food extremely digestible important for the child who has very high caloric demands »explains Marangione, head of Neonatology and Neonatal Pathology of Humanitas San Pio X.

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Why not give honey to babies

Despite being an excellent product, extremely suitable for pediatric and adult nutrition, it should not be given to children under the age of one year. “This is because it may be the cause of the development of the botulism in suckling».

Infant botulism

Honey, in fact, can be the vehicle for traces which, in turn, can produce the botulinum toxin and therefore cause food poisoning which can quickly lead to a general paralysis of the body and, above all, to that of the respiratory system.

«The baby's intestine is not yet able to block the spores, because the bacterial flora is immature, so when they arrive they find fertile ground to multiply, then developing the disease. Growing up, the bacterial flora becomes more adequate and balanced, with a greater defensive capacity, therefore it expels the spores without having the possibility of developing the toxin ».

Fortunately, i cases of infant botulism are rare: «But only in Del Paese was recorded half of all those that took place in Europe. So it is important to continue to be careful and to abide by the ban on giving honey to babies. "

Honey and pacifier

Given these indications, it is well understood that it is not recommended to dip the pacifier in honey, as our grandmothers did, to make babies take it.

"A rule that also applies when children are older and also for all other products on the market to be applied on the pacifier: an abuse of sweet substances, in fact, can be at the root of tooth decay and oral hygiene problems in children ".

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How much honey to give

«Honey is certainly a product indicated in a child's diet, especially if it replaces refined white sugar - continues the expert -. And, in particular, if the child is in a moment of strong physical stress, or mental effort, or even when he is sick ».

Calorie intake honey

Having said that, however, it should be remembered that has a great energy supply: about 320 calories per 100 ml. "This means that a teaspoon of honey is a nice boost of energy: it is a petrol readily available. The advice is therefore to do not overdo it in consumption, also considering that nowadays children move little and already eat many foods containing simple sugars. A spoon a day, perhaps to sweeten the milk, is more than enough ».

What is the best honey for babies?

All types of honey can be consumed by children: depending on their personal taste, they will prefer one rather than another.

«For mothers and fathers it can be useful to know what emerged from an important study by the University of Pisa. Research has revealed that the honey of

  • fir,
  • chestnut
  • ed eucalyptus

they are those that have the greatest anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antibacterial capacities ».

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Honey and drugs

For the Greeks it was the nectar of the gods not only for its goodness, but also for its healing properties. «This is why honey is very often added to drugs to enhance the chemical or natural principle and therefore increase its anti-inflammatory action. It is a synergistic action that can be effective. However, before giving it to your child it is recommended to to ask un opinion to own pediatrician».

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